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Sept 9th 2011 YogaLiveLink

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Excercise, health, yoga
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Sept 9th 2011YogaLiveLink. Richard and LaTisha visit with Eleni K and talk about the benefits of yoga, their favorite poses an styles as well as all the details of the how, what and why for using private online yoga training, anywhere anytime. Yoga therapy also described

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Feb 4th – Tips on ordering healthier in any restaurant. Questions about food carts, birth control pills and eating healthy on $10 a day. Plus we take the Get Fit Challenge LIVE as well as do Warrior 3.



For Food Carts in PDX see here

Jan 21st – Bouldering. Matt Slayton, GM of The Circuit Bouldering Gyms talks climbing. Hear about athleticism, nutrition, power, yoga, slacklining and more. Find out why this might not only be good for you, but for the whole family. Learn about climbing culture, the sport and how to get started.. Climbing, it’s natural, holistic and fun!


Learn more about The Circuit in this Urban Climber Magazine Article

Watch a Bouldering Video


Jan 19th – Yoga. Bethany Learn of Fit 2 b Us and Eleni discuss the differences between the physical & spiritual components of yoga. Yoga can be beneficial to just about everyone. Styles of yoga, reasons to do yoga plus etiquette in a studio all come up.



Dec 22nd – Dry Lips, Gluekos and Sciatic Pain. Tips for alleviating dry lips and lip balm suggestions. Sport drink alternatives, buy local & other reasons Gluekos rocks! Sciatic pain; causes, treatments, exercises & stretches to relieve that pain in your bum.


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Dec 15th – Fit 2 B Us, Bethany Learn, joins us to share her review of fitness gift ideas for kids and teens. Many fun games and ideas are discussed. Plus a few thoughts for sponsoring kids sports and even adult gifts!


Check out Bethany’s Blog Fit 2 B Us

and the post talked about today

Dec 9th – TRX & Kettlebell “Iron Circuit Power” dvd review plus Yoga Tree Pose explained. Also healthy living support through social media and networking.  Support is important!


A little chat about responsibility and our obligation to help others followed by the totally awesome TRX with Kettlebells DVD review part 1. Listen to Dec 10th show to hear the feedback from my clients who will be testing the workout!

Take advantage of TRX sale, 20% off and free shipping ….plus (Portlanders) order now and I will give you a FREE session to show you how to use it

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)