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Sept 7th 2011 – Peanut butter, natural or not? Eleni K discuss the infamous pb&j sandwich. Foods full of HFCS and Hydrogenated oil (trans fats) are not good. Learn which breads and peanut butters are better for you. Get better health by eating better, hear tips on making a better pb&j as well as the Weekly Fitness Challenge.



Articles and links mentioned:

Oregonian article on PB & J

HFCS free products

May 17th 2011 – Are you challenged to be fit? Learn about the Weekly Fitness Challenge, take the Get Fit Challenge and try a Pilates roll up. Plus ideas on farm fresh foods from your community and is agave nectar “good” or “bad” for you?


links that came up on the show today:

summer cocktail recipes mentioned from Women’s Health Mag

info on agave syrup sited