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May 26th 2011 – Get Fit NOW. Hear Eleni K and Aaron Mathis chat on a variety of topics and listener questions. Perception, dysmorphia, Slendalean, Get Fit Challenge, HCG diet, breast cancer, cruciferous veggies and push ups… oh my!



Passion for health and good diet while finding balance and moderation in life is what came out of a wonderful chat with Diane Weber of today.

Diane is the Mother of Olympic Gold Medalist Garrett Weber-Gale. She also makes up a third of which she runs along with her husband and son, Garrett.

Healthy eating and creating balance was always a focus in the Weber-Gale home but after learning he had high blood pressure at 19 Garrett took a closer look at his health and his performance. His parents gifted him some cooking lessons and he found joy in the instant gratification of making his own food and being able to experience it right away. This was an inspiration to a guy who was used to looking at long term goals. Find out more about Garret and how he helps others eat healthier on his site.

Hear the interview with Diane and learn more about how she started getting fit after 50. Follow her on Twitter and check her great blog posts too!

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“Life just keeps coming. We make decisions everyday that effect our health and well being, based both on what we do and don’t do. Find your passion and live it out!!”

Eleni K.

Get Fit Portland got some insight from Gina Rau on how to help our kids eat healthier. Gina is amazing, she has worked on and in all aspects of the food industry from fast food to grocers and suppliers. Now she dedicates her time to healthy eating and food options among many other things. Just check out what she’s up to, she works for Aisle 7 and blogs on Feed Our Families and Change becomes Change. Feed Our Families is full of tips, recipes, information and personal experiences to help you.

Gina talked about packing healthier lunches, her sons food sensitivities and how to get kids to “eat a rainbow of colors”. To hear the show click here and enjoy Episode 18.

Gina is also awesome on Facebook and Twitter. Give her a follow.

Hearing her talk about how her kids read labels and make healthy food decisions was a really great. Gina passed on some exciting news about how public schools here in Portland are making changes so that cafeteria lunches have more healthy choices as well as local products. We know we can control what goes in the lunch sack but Gina also gave some ideas on how we may have a say in what goes into our kids school lunches when they eat at the cafeteria as well. Find out how to become active in your school and your kids health.

Eat all your colors today and have a healthier life 🙂

Eleni K.