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Feb 3rd – 5 hour energy and other healthy living ideas! Aaron Mathis and Eleni give healthy living support, address several chat box questions and go over an IDEA article regarding How to live longer: 9 tips to longevity.


Dec 9th – TRX & Kettlebell “Iron Circuit Power” dvd review plus Yoga Tree Pose explained. Also healthy living support through social media and networking.  Support is important!


A little chat about responsibility and our obligation to help others followed by the totally awesome TRX with Kettlebells DVD review part 1. Listen to Dec 10th show to hear the feedback from my clients who will be testing the workout!

Take advantage of TRX sale, 20% off and free shipping ….plus (Portlanders) order now and I will give you a FREE session to show you how to use it

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Nov 26th – Jeanne Ivy visits again to finish her story of how she maintains her health through diet and exercise planning plus why it is valuable for her to stick with a trainer. Also the most important part of “the day after”…getting back on track!


To learn more about Jeanne visit her Twitter or her Website or to hear the first episode with her use same link above and select Nov 19th.

Nov 10th – Happy 235th Birthday to the Marines. Shane Gibson shares his story with us about growing up, the Marines and adventure racing! Plus cyclocross and eating for performance.

When you are participating in a 12+ hour race, 4 hours is a warm up. How do you eat to prepare? What about transitioning from endurance racing to a 45 min sprint like cyclocross? Shane offers up stories of his experience plus how he plans not only to race but for daily life.  Planning is key! and M&M’s are like gold….

Hear it now! Episode Nov 10th

To find out more about cyclocross or see the team Shane rides with check out Cycleone

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Whether you are training for professional sports or for life, the effort should be the same! Nutrition and exercise determine the outcome. Want performance on the field you must train and eat right. Want to be healthy and be able to get up for work no matter what your job is you must train and eat right!

Nov 5th Eleni talks with Brian Burres of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Mike Ekstrom of the Tampa Bay Rays about how they prepare for being professional athletes and how that is just as important for anybody. Check out the interview LISTEN now!

Brian and Mike are both pitchers spending their off season in Portland Oregon training at AIM (Athletes in Motion) Training Center. They train with Zane Kelly, NSCA cPT, a former Concordia University Baseball player. Kelly is a baseball coach and Nike SPARQ trainer who has recently founded AIM specifically to work with athletes and baseball players of all levels. For more info on training with AIM go here.

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More and more over the last year I have heard the comment I just can’t afford it…. “I can afford organic food”, “I can’t afford personal training”, “I had to let my gym membership go”. People continue to complain about not having enough money to budget healthy living. Well, I see some of these same people with new clothes or daily lattes, so the question really is… can you not afford it or do you just choose not to.

We all have a choice. Everything is a choice. Our attitude determines our success not our circumstance and our state of health is no different. We can choose to eat candy bars and sodas for lunch or not. We can determine what our money is spent on too. Maybe we think we can’t afford quality fruits and veggies but somehow we still get a pedicure. It’s about priorities. If your priority is to feel good and function effectively far into your future, taking less sick days and decreasing your chances of injury and illness then clean eating and exercising should matter to you. However, our society tends to view things like personal training as a luxury when in fact taking care of your physical state falls under the preventative medicine category. We socialize more around non healthy food and drink options rather than community based ideas like sharing time with friends and family in a natural setting, maybe even hiking for example.

Enjoying optimum health is priceless. Creating better health for yourself through the advice you can gain by seeing a naturopath, nutritionist, massage therapist, personal trainer, lifestyle consultant or well coach is worth every penny.

My advice is to ask your self… How do I feel? Could I feel better? Then look to resources around you. If you aren’t sure where to start ask a friend or family member if they have seen any helping professional in the diet and fitness industry who they might recommend. Do more research. What you spend your money on is important. Many professionals offer consultations, quite often free of charge. You have to like and respect who you work with, so check them out first. Make a commitment. If you choose to do something then see it through. Speak up, people can’t help you if they don’t understand the problem. I work with people all the time who when they are upfront about financial concerns I can help allocate their available funds over a longer period of time so to keep them consistent and continuous with their efforts.

Again none of this matters if your health takes a back seat to buying the latest accessory or electronic device. We all have priorities. I am not here to judge anyones choices. If you need weekly nail fills more than you need to loose 60 lbs then that is your choice. If being healthy, however, IS your choice and you would like help getting started on the track to feeling stronger and happier with more energy everyday then please contact me for more information on how I can help you!

In good health,
Eleni K

This week’s show addressed more questions sent in by listeners. Topics covered were getting a friend started who doesn’t want to exercise and how can I incorporate a potato amongst other exciting fitness and diet questions such as which sports are best for building athleticism in kids. We are happy to continue taking your questions and reading them on air. Send more our way via Then listen to the show here or on iTunes.

If you are in Portland please contact me to set up a FREE consultation. The best way to determine your health and fitness goals is to sit down and discuss where you are currently at and would like to be. This is a great time of year with summer winding down and September coming along… “back to reality” sets in and many find themselves headed to the gym. Don’t wait too long. Jump start everyone and set up a session today. or we recommend to help you find a trainer or nutritionist in your area.

Special This Week: Visit Get Fit Training at Portland’s Baconfest 2010 find out more here

Rose recommended you check out The Beasite Boys – Sabotage as a great workout song. It did her well on her 3mi run yesterday in the 90 degree weather!

My thought…YES IT MATTERS Don’t convince your self that eating healthy and exercising won’t change anything. It does matter. You have the control to feel better everyday and increase the quality of your life through clean eating, activity and positive thoughts. Be Healthy. Get Fit.

Eleni K.

Everyone needs help from time to time. Whether you need knowledge, support or instruction it’s best to admit we can’t do it all on our own. Todays show, episode 15, which can be heard here, addressed listeners questions.

We happily ran through several listener questions pertaining to diet, exercises and support. Every healthy lifestyle has a component of these “3 pillars to success”. When we take the time to learn more and apply what we learn to our lives we can work toward achieving good health and happiness.

There is tons of info available on the internet to get you started on the path to being healthy. There is so much info that you may not understand it all. Send us your questions to and we will help you determine what solution is best for you. Want to work “one on one” and/or “in person”? If you are in Portland, Oregon hit me up at Get Fit Training. Live somewhere else? Try SmashFit, it’s the best way to find a personal trainer or nutritionist near you.

Remember you can’t know everything about everything but you can find someone who has the information you need so don’t be afraid to ask.

Eleni K