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May 4th 2011 – Knee health. Bethany Learn of Fit to be US visits to talk about her recent meniscus surgery. Info about keeping knees healthy, how to strengthen, how to eat properly and rehab after surgery. Plus what can you do to make sure your meniscus is in it’s strongest state.



Feb 28th –  Stress Incontinence. Dr Rick Rosenfield of Pearl Women’s Center talks about meds, exercises and surgery to help with incontinence. Learn what causes it, how to know if you have it and what can be done to fix this bothersome problem which affects 1 in 2 people in their adult years.



Jan 10th – Dr Rick Rosenfield, Executive Medical Director and Founder of Pearl Women’s Center talks about hysterectomies. What can lead to needing one and what is getting one like? What are some signs and symptoms that should lead to an appointment? What are some issues that can be fixed with this procedure? Get your questions answered. Things are different these day, learn what is new in the field.


Things that should lead to making a doctor appointment:

1. irregular or heavy bleeding (7-10 days) that is not typical

2. prolonged pelvic pain

3. a change in your cycle (typically associated with increase in pain and/or bleeding)

* these symptoms mean different things to different age groups so always consult your physician


Things to know about current hysterectomy procedures:

1. it is minimally invasive and can be done in an outpatient clinic

2. recovery is much quicker than the past

3. it can provide relief to certain health issues


In reference to the picture on this post: “There’s a new girl in town and she made her American debut at the side of internationally known laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Richard Rosenfield. ViKY, as she is affectionately known, is a revolutionary, lightweight robot developed by EndoControl, headquartered in France. With ViKY at his side, Dr. Rosenfield made history by performing the first documented solo, laparoscopic hysterectomy in the world. Significantly, the entire procedure was performed in an outpatient facility, Pearl Women’s Center.” For more of the story go here

Have you tried everything? Struggled with weight loss for too long? Thought about lap band surgery?

We talked lap band surgery as a tool for weight loss with Dr Emma Patterson of Oregon Weight Loss Surgery today. See episode 11. She offers a surgical procedure to aid in weight loss. The lap band is a little ring inserted over the top of the stomach. This reduces the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. Along with the smaller portions of food the person actually experiences less hunger. We learned that this is because of a change in the level of a hormone called ghrelin. Over time with good diet and exercise practices the patient WILL lose weight.

This procedure is not for everyone. There are some requirements for lap band surgery, primarily having a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 40, this equates to being about 100lbs overweight. In addition, your doctor may put you through other physical and psychological test to assess your readiness for the procedure. If you have struggled with weight issues for years, are morbidly obese or have health issues like diabetes or heart conditions related to being overweight please get more information about alternative tools such as lap band surgery that may help you get back the vitality and health you deserve.

If you are in a state other than Oregon, Dr Patterson recommends finding a Bariatic Surgeon through the following websites:

Everyone needs help at some point. We need support from our family and friends. Staying healthy takes commitment and a support system. For more help finding a support system or to answer your health related questions please email me at

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