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Katherine Schwarzenegger has put it all out there in her book, Rock What You’ve Got. It’s not just a lot of stats and ideas about body image and media it’s a NECESSARY must have for any woman. Tons of advice for girls going through puberty as well as special sections for mom’s to better understand what is up with their teens. This book is great for all women 5-95 as well as men. Especially great for the single dad!

Not sure it’s the right book for you. Well it IS the right book for many so consider gifting it to a school library or teen shelter.

Check out the Get Fit Now Radio interview with Katherine here then share it!

For more info on Katherine Schwarzenegger read her article Defining Beauty on the Huffington Post

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Posted by Eleni K

Everything in moderation…right? So I hear. Well what does that mean? I have heard my mother say it for years. “everything in moderation” it rings in my ears in her special “mom” tone. In retaliation I once asked her if that meant she ate dog sh*t because after all… everything in moderation meant EVERYTHING! I am wondering if everything in balance is a better term than moderation. Lets break down moderation first.

Moderation by definition means Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme. This implies that everything is IN just as long as it is not TOO much. Well how about balance….it is literally A state of equilibrium or parity characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces.

Here now enters my argument. Some things are down right toxic. If it is toxic then it should be avoided. It has no use in the body. The reaction we may enjoy (ie alcohol consumption) is a intoxication. Our body is sick and fighting the intoxicant. Many things fall into this category such as drugs, medications, foods, chemicals, poisons, etc. Should we accept these things in moderation??? What about the dog sh*t I mentioned earlier, are you willing to eat it just to live in moderation?  I know I am being a little extreme…not quite moderate at all but here is the idea I want to get across. What about balance…. In my opinion balance is key!!

Balance suggests that we counter the negatives we take on with moderation and rectify them. Make good what is bad. I like this a lot. Lets get back to the alcohol consumption. As a trainer & lifestyle and weight management consultant I hear this all the time.  Is it ok to drink alcohol? How much can I drink? Or… I’m not stopping so what are my options? Well some may say, drink in moderation…heard that before right?! But drink in moderation does not solve any problems. Drink in moderation implies you are responsible or that you limit the damage but what about balance? How can you balance out the effect of alcohol on your body. It may not be well known but alcohol breaks down muscle and depletes hydration in the body. Drinking a little just makes it a bit less bad. FIX what you did. Create balance. Replace water and protein. If you consume alcohol also consume a glass of water. One glass to one glass. Also replenish protein stores so that the body can repair and rejuvenate itself.

Alcohol is just one example. How about antibiotics.? They mess you up. They also help facilitate resistant strains of bacteria more potent the next time we encounter them. Once antibiotics have been ingested we not only kill the bad germs but the good ones too. Ouch! Now we can live with a potential new problem dealing with the idea that the antibiotics were only in moderation (taken in a necessary dose when needed) or we can restore balance and harmony in the body by consuming probiotics to replace the good guys we killed off.

The way I see it you have two options AVOID intoxicants or provide balance but moderation my friends just isn’t enough.

Eleni K

I’m traveling back to the land of bacon wrapped hot dogs to share with you the story of how I put on 50 extra pounds and then dropped it! It all started in 1997 I got pregnant weighing in at 117. Although I ate poorly I had a beautiful baby boy and was back in size 2 pants in under 2 weeks. I was 25. Fast forward to 1 year and 5 days later when I got pregnant with my second child….ouch! In less than 2 weeks I knew I was in trouble. The weight came and came and came and my doc told me to stop but it just wouldn’t. I was “healthy” with no major problems or risks regarding my pregnancy, but I was FAT. I hadn’t been exercising at the time I got pregnant so I made no plan to start.  The bacon wrapped hot dogs and double burgers at 3am weren’t helping much, on top of that I was drinking milk like mad, but not skim or 1 or 2% but whole milk with added sugar in it….ewww. Well ewww was right. After baby girl popped out I had thighs that looked like orange peel and no clothes but maternity wear to sport. A few months after my daughter was born someone asked me when I was due…. I was holding my baby. Dang! This was going to be over and never happen again.

So I walked… I started 2 weeks post cesarean and lifted weights as soon as I got doctor clearance. Everyday I was at the gym. I had a lot of inspiration, I was living in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico…. land of perfect bodies and tons of celebrities to gawk at. I walked on a treadmill in front of the beach and dreamed of all the bikinis I would buy and wear one day…I was going to live in a bikini and look amazing in it. And I finally did and I’ve never turned back…oh I have fluctuated from 12-22% body fat in the last 10 years But I have stayed clear of cellulite down to my knees and the obvious path to clogged arteries I was headed down.

Clean eating and working out daily makes me feel good and I share it with my clients every day at work.  It is about balance! Food is fuel. It is not a treat or reward. Eating healthy isn’t about depriving yourself it is about treating yourself with respect.

Eleni K

Passion for health and good diet while finding balance and moderation in life is what came out of a wonderful chat with Diane Weber of today.

Diane is the Mother of Olympic Gold Medalist Garrett Weber-Gale. She also makes up a third of which she runs along with her husband and son, Garrett.

Healthy eating and creating balance was always a focus in the Weber-Gale home but after learning he had high blood pressure at 19 Garrett took a closer look at his health and his performance. His parents gifted him some cooking lessons and he found joy in the instant gratification of making his own food and being able to experience it right away. This was an inspiration to a guy who was used to looking at long term goals. Find out more about Garret and how he helps others eat healthier on his site.

Hear the interview with Diane and learn more about how she started getting fit after 50. Follow her on Twitter and check her great blog posts too!

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“Life just keeps coming. We make decisions everyday that effect our health and well being, based both on what we do and don’t do. Find your passion and live it out!!”

Eleni K.

Get Fit Portland got some insight from Gina Rau on how to help our kids eat healthier. Gina is amazing, she has worked on and in all aspects of the food industry from fast food to grocers and suppliers. Now she dedicates her time to healthy eating and food options among many other things. Just check out what she’s up to, she works for Aisle 7 and blogs on Feed Our Families and Change becomes Change. Feed Our Families is full of tips, recipes, information and personal experiences to help you.

Gina talked about packing healthier lunches, her sons food sensitivities and how to get kids to “eat a rainbow of colors”. To hear the show click here and enjoy Episode 18.

Gina is also awesome on Facebook and Twitter. Give her a follow.

Hearing her talk about how her kids read labels and make healthy food decisions was a really great. Gina passed on some exciting news about how public schools here in Portland are making changes so that cafeteria lunches have more healthy choices as well as local products. We know we can control what goes in the lunch sack but Gina also gave some ideas on how we may have a say in what goes into our kids school lunches when they eat at the cafeteria as well. Find out how to become active in your school and your kids health.

Eat all your colors today and have a healthier life 🙂

Eleni K.

I just got done chatting with Molly Brown of Balance Massage and Skin Care. Check out episode 14 here or subscribe to us on iTunes at Get Fit Portland and never miss a show…it’s FREE

Molly has been doing massage for over 8 years. She was a wealth of information on different types of massage, the benefits of body work and what one should know about getting a massage. She offers various treatments style and opportunities. Get more info from Molly at or give her a call at 503 502 2694.

Massage is great for rehabbing an injury, soothing sore muscles, reducing stress and providing self care. Take advantage of the benefits of massage today.

If you are in Portland and want to see Molly you can enjoy $10 off any first visit just by mentioning Get Fit Portland or Get Fit Training. PLUS a super special offer: the first new client to book a 1 hr training session at Get Fit Training with Eleni and mention this offer will receive a COMPLIMENTARY MASSAGE from Molly. Can’t beat that!!

Get in touch with Eleni at 503 816 1070

Were you listening today. Great workout song recommendations from @MsLierre @beachchk @seejanerunshow click on their names to follow them on Twitter.

Have a peaceful day!
Eleni K

Have you tried everything? Struggled with weight loss for too long? Thought about lap band surgery?

We talked lap band surgery as a tool for weight loss with Dr Emma Patterson of Oregon Weight Loss Surgery today. See episode 11. She offers a surgical procedure to aid in weight loss. The lap band is a little ring inserted over the top of the stomach. This reduces the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. Along with the smaller portions of food the person actually experiences less hunger. We learned that this is because of a change in the level of a hormone called ghrelin. Over time with good diet and exercise practices the patient WILL lose weight.

This procedure is not for everyone. There are some requirements for lap band surgery, primarily having a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 40, this equates to being about 100lbs overweight. In addition, your doctor may put you through other physical and psychological test to assess your readiness for the procedure. If you have struggled with weight issues for years, are morbidly obese or have health issues like diabetes or heart conditions related to being overweight please get more information about alternative tools such as lap band surgery that may help you get back the vitality and health you deserve.

If you are in a state other than Oregon, Dr Patterson recommends finding a Bariatic Surgeon through the following websites:

Everyone needs help at some point. We need support from our family and friends. Staying healthy takes commitment and a support system. For more help finding a support system or to answer your health related questions please email me at

Eleni K