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Sept 6th 2011 – Supplements and nude sunbathing. Dr Ciprian and Eleni K discuss what supplements listeners take regularly and why they may be good or not. Hear all about vitamins, calcium, glucosamine, 5-HTP, omegas, and more. Plus get your Vit D out in the sun!!



March 8th – Sleep issues and questions about Ambien. Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni discuss tips to help you sleep better and give info about B vitamins, Calcium citrate/lactate, melatonin and P5P. Other general healthy living support as well.


Dec 28th – Eleni & Dr Ciprian discuss the following questions….What happens when we exercise? Are supplements good? What’s enough sleep? Also ending 2010 this week with yet another 20/10 workout for fun this time it’s on the stairs.


Tabata for the day 20/10 interval on the stairs (walk, jog or run up 1 flight of stairs then come down and for 20 sec/rest for 10 sec repeat for 4 min)

**modify the workout by stepping up and down on one step or staying on the floor and tapping a foot (alternating feet) up on a step