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The Nov 3rd show helps define healthy living and natural health. Aaron and Eleni discuss meat, gratitude and how to maintain healthy bones, plus what is muscle confusion and why do want some. Also, today Eleni wears underwear…supergirl to be exact!

Hear it now!

Review of articles from the Nov Issue of Natural Health Mag

New Rules For Eating Meat: What’s best for animals the environment and you p.74

1. Understand the issues

2. Look for greener pastures

3. Accept the real costs

4. Expand your palate

5. Stay local

Master the Art of Gratitude: p.15

Gratitude works! Tips…

1. Keep a journal

2. Express yourself

3. See a bigger picture

4. Celebrate Thanksgiving everyday

Big News On Bone Health: p.18

1. Go Beyond Calcuim

2. Don’t rely on calcium supplements

3. Take vit D & C

4. Say no to drugs

5. Move it (or lose it)

6. Cut back on Salt

For more listen to the podcast or read Natural Health Mag!

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