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April 14th 2011 – What is healthy eating? Aaron Mathis and Eleni discuss the Paleo diet, 10 Energy Foods, the soy tragedy and if kids should be forced to eat public school food! Think you know what healthy is… you may be wrong.


10 Energy Foods

Public School Lunches

Paleo Diet reviewed by WebMD

Soy: magic bean or tragic bean? see Beachbody website for this info

March 31st –

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Diet, health
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March 31st – Foods and their impact on your health. 6 surprising super foods, is black the new green? 9 appetite suppressing foods. What’s wrong with low cal snacks? …. and bye – bye belly bloat!


6 super foods. is black the new green? try Black rice, Black lentils, Blackberries, Black beans, Black soybeans &/or Black tea.

9 appetite suppressing foods

8 under 80 calories…. YUK! its quality of food not quantity that matters, a little bit of junk is still junk!