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June 3rd 2011 – MyPlate, Medicine balls and National Doughnut Day! Lots of info on what the government recommended MyPlate “should” or “could” look like according to Eleni K plus how you might modify it for your own health goals. Why to do medicine ball exercises and how to make your own to cut cost. Plus can you ever justify eating a doughnut?




National Doughnut Day

How to make your own medicine ball!

Dec 20th – Sugar & Salt

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Dec 20th – Sugar and Salt. What happens when sugar and salt are enter the body? Learn what physical processes occur and what diseases they can lead to. Eleni comes clean about mint chocolate cake and describes how to perform Pilates marching as a good exercises to strengthen the hips and core.


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Nov 9th Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni not only remind you why you should stay away from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners but break the illusion that agave syrup is good and give alternate sources that are healthy.

Get sweet from fruit. Always include the pulp. Important enzymes and fiber from the pulp is needed to digest the sugars in the fruit properly.

Look for raw, unrefined cane sugar and brown sugar. In fact raw and unrefined is what you are looking for as far as honey and molasses go as well. And maple syrup, organic of course, is good too!

Want more LISTEN now! Episode Nov 9th

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You may have recently heard the interesting tidbit that HFCS wants to be called corn sugar now. And sugar is po’d about it. Well they should be. After all, HFCS is not sugar it is High Fructose Corn Syrup. It takes days to make and several processes before it becomes its totally unnatural self….  HFCS is not sugar, it is processed in the body differently and it has no business being called sugar. So why is it suggesting it then… because people have caught on to HFCS. They launched a media campaign to clean up their name but that does not seem to be working. Time to latch onto what people will be ok with, sugar. In a time where many people are considering a cleaner approach to food (eat whole foods / not man made substances) being labeled as sugar makes more sense. Thinking that sugar and butter and red meat are not the devil but ok in moderation…oops balance (read this post) maybe sugar or HFCS masked under the name of sugar will be ok too. Although brilliant marketing, the bottom line is, sugar isn’t good for you either.

So I’m not buying it and neither should you, here is why….

The processing of whole substance to make alternate food products opens up a whole new realm of problems. Stick with natural forms of food. Cancel out as much refined and processed stuff from your diet as possible. Refined cane sugar and HFCS are both bad for you.  But it’s no argument that HFCS undergoes significantly more processing.

Not enough reason for you? How about this….

HFCS also affects obesity levels in rats and humans more than table sugar by lowering the production of leptin (this hormone tells you that you’re full) in the body, which contributes to obesity at a higher % rate.

That was my 2 cents, here is what Dr. Cirian had to say….

My take on sweeteners: go to a 12 step group and get off of them! Otherwise I would say to only partake in the sins of a substance that should be regulated like alcohol during holidays, birthdays, special occasions or if you are traveling through some yummy areas in Europe. If you are going to partake in levels of sweetness that are killing America then I recommend using real, unrefined cane sugar. Otherwise stay away from anything that is new, trendy and or made in a laboratory. I would even say eat refined white sugar over things like high fructose corn syrup or any artificial or no carb sweeteners. Even Agave Nectar has been exposed and found to be just as bad as high fructose corn syrup. Your best bet is to eat sweets like grandma would of made. Sugar is much better handled by the body if it is with something containing some good fats. Think butter or milk!

Ok enough for now, if we get started on sucralose/Splenda, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, agave syrup etc etc we could be here all day.


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