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April 11th 2011 – Skin. Dr Richard Bensimon and Andrea Stapleton, RN from Pearl Womens Center come on to talk about skin. The importance of healthy skin, how to treat and care for it and what is important in terms of sun exposure, moisturizer and the latest non surgical medical techniques. Vitamins and anitoxidents discussed as well as some peel techniques shown to reduce the incidence of cancer.


Jan 11th – Diet, fluoride and skin. Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni discuss incorporating more whole foods and  plant-based foods into your diet. Ideas on whether fluoride is good or bad. Also a little bit about skin… what goes on it, goes in it. Just a few things to think about. Bottom line your health is in your control.



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Should you use fluoride or not? Tell us what you think! Here is some info from both sides

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