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April 21st 2011 – RBT, hemp milk and sweat! Aaron Mathis, Eleni and Texine of The Rose City Rollers, discuss health topics around alternative milk products and exercise “trends”… what is RBT anyway?


Make sure to check out the Rose City Rollers vs Rat City this Saturday 4/23 watch online at or in pdx at he Memorial Coliseum

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Jan 13th – Attitude, Athleticism and Passion! Aaron & Eleni talk roller derby with Texine of the Rose City Rollers, High Rollers. Get lots of info on the health and fitness side of playing the support plus views on diet, recovery and life in general.


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A Game of Brutal Beauty, Roller Derby….and life!

Aaron and I talked success stories today with Kim Stegeman aka “Rocket Mean” of the Rose City Roller Derby.  Kim utilized services at Get Fit Training, a roller derby sponsor to get back in shape after an injury. Shoulder surgery put her out of play and little by little the weight went on. It can happen to anyone, not enough TIME, too much LIFE.

We discussed the strategies that got her back on track and tools she uses to stay focused. Listen to episode 22 to find out more about alternative sports, what iPhone app she likes plus exciting derby chat.

So much conversation went on after the show ended we could have Kim back again and again! We discussed body image in media and amongst roller derby. Does media put unfair expectations on women to be thin? Does roller derby as a sport and community see things differently? Please post your comments here on our blog and get the discussion going!

Kim’s 3 tips to Success:

1. Guidelines. Kim adheres to a set a of healthy guidelines like minimizing processed food and incorporating protein at all meals. She keeps balance between exercise and diet.

2. Planning. She know if she doesn’t plan she will have a hard time staying on track. Kim plans meals around her schedule and social events as well as schedules her workouts so she knows they will get done. Don’t leave things to chance!

3. Goal Setting. Without goals you have no direction. Kim sets realistic healthy goals and uses rewards that will be of benefit to her continued success.

The bottom line she says “is to find something that works for you” there are many tools out there and many things may work for a while but the key is… it has to work long term.

Time for something new? Roller Derby might just what you are looking for. Get more info on Rose City Rollers or look up derby in your area.

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