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March 28th – CPP. Chronic Pelvic Pain with Dr Rick Rosenfield of Pearl Womens Center. What is CPP? How are the different causes of pain determined and what treatment plans may be an option. You do not have to live with pain. Find out what should send you to the doctor and what info to bring with you!


Important info to bring to your Doc:
How and when did your pain begin?
What actions or activities make it better or worse?
Does it vary based on time of day, week or month?
How does your menstrual cycle affect your pain?
How does the pain affect your sleep?
Has the pain spread since it began?

Also important:

What medications or other pain management techniques are you using? Does your pain cause emotional stress?

March 14th – Adrenal fatigue and cortisol with Kyle McAvoy, NP of Pearl Womens Center. Are you tired? Getting belly fat? Learn about how cortisol works in the body both for you and against you. Also info on thyroid, healthy eating, stress reduction and soy products.



Feb 28th –  Stress Incontinence. Dr Rick Rosenfield of Pearl Women’s Center talks about meds, exercises and surgery to help with incontinence. Learn what causes it, how to know if you have it and what can be done to fix this bothersome problem which affects 1 in 2 people in their adult years.



Feb 17th – Eleni is on a plane and Aaron gets called to stay home with a sick little one. Dr Rick Rosenfield of Pearl Womens Center talks about hysterectomy. This was a replay of the Jan 10th 2011 episode.


Feb 14th – Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. Kyle McAvoy of Pearl Womens Center comes on to explain the difference between bio-identical vs synthetic hormones. She also discusses the what and why of hormone therapy and how it can help women live healthier and happier lives.


Jan 10th – Dr Rick Rosenfield, Executive Medical Director and Founder of Pearl Women’s Center talks about hysterectomies. What can lead to needing one and what is getting one like? What are some signs and symptoms that should lead to an appointment? What are some issues that can be fixed with this procedure? Get your questions answered. Things are different these day, learn what is new in the field.


Things that should lead to making a doctor appointment:

1. irregular or heavy bleeding (7-10 days) that is not typical

2. prolonged pelvic pain

3. a change in your cycle (typically associated with increase in pain and/or bleeding)

* these symptoms mean different things to different age groups so always consult your physician


Things to know about current hysterectomy procedures:

1. it is minimally invasive and can be done in an outpatient clinic

2. recovery is much quicker than the past

3. it can provide relief to certain health issues


In reference to the picture on this post: “There’s a new girl in town and she made her American debut at the side of internationally known laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Richard Rosenfield. ViKY, as she is affectionately known, is a revolutionary, lightweight robot developed by EndoControl, headquartered in France. With ViKY at his side, Dr. Rosenfield made history by performing the first documented solo, laparoscopic hysterectomy in the world. Significantly, the entire procedure was performed in an outpatient facility, Pearl Women’s Center.” For more of the story go here