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May 31st 2011 – Organics and Eating Right! Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni K talk about organics, GMO’s and whole foods. Get in shape for summer or just get in shape. Dr C’s 5 tips to creating a healthier life plus share your 2 week experience and get on our show.



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March 29th – Holistic medicine. Dr Ciprian & Eleni discuss the difference between western/conventional, natural/alternative and holistic medical practices? Also why buy organics, how to manage stress and other fun stuff!


David Zinczenko Article in Yahoo Health

Dr Mercola’s opinion of above article

we give our opinions but you gotta listen 🙂

Mar 1stCerulean Organic Wines. Jeff Miller visits to discuss the differences of organic farming vs conventional and how that effects your wine. Sulfites, tannins, pesticides, wood chips and how they effect you. Also learn about different grapes and pairings with healthy foods.