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I hear comments all the time from people who say they work out so they can eat whatever they want. This is so wrong! First off, try on the concept that “food is fuel”. We eat for health, efficiency and performance. When we eat a certain way we feel better, perform better and ultimately will look better. Our motivation should be on our health not on trying to determine how many calories we need to burn to overcome what we’ve put in. Or how much exercise will give us a perfect looking body. Let’s start instead with what will regulate our blood sugar levels allowing us to efficiently burn fat instead of store it. Find foods with plenty of nutrients and vitamins so we have to supplement less and can produce energy throughout the day. Whole foods, grains, vegetable and lean meats plus essentials fatty acids in balance should be present at each meal. Increasing water intake and limiting sugary or high calorie beverages is also a good start. Enjoy this video illustration on why you cannot exercise enough to overcome a bad diet. It is just the tip of the iceberg of what is wrong with making bad food choices. – Eleni K.