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July 26th 2011 – Balance. Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni K discuss balance in the body by way of food, physical structure and attitude. Info on fruit, sugar and body responses and well as muscle testing, bone alignment and overall health.



More info on Muscle Testing and Eating Right

July 15th 2011 – Listener comments and questions addressed regarding mac n cheese with veggies, hiit training, recovery drinks and more!Plus 2 more things wrong with HFCS to worry about.


HFCS article

Recovery Drink info

July 14th 2011 – Processed Food. Can mac n cheese be better with cauliflower in it? Eleni K does not agree. How could you make a “healthier” mac n cheese and why wouldn’t you just cut it out of your diet altogether. Detox, clean your house and shop the perimeter. Plus HIT exercise ideas.


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April 28th 2011Martin Rooney ( <–read this bio) talks fitness. Eleni K and Aaron Mathis chat about everything from speed training, nutrition, metabolic/intervals and fitness fads to Training For Warriors, kids these days and dumbing down your diet. Advice on getting back to basics both with your fuel and movement is the key to better health plus REST… you must rest right and sleep well.


April 14th 2011 – What is healthy eating? Aaron Mathis and Eleni discuss the Paleo diet, 10 Energy Foods, the soy tragedy and if kids should be forced to eat public school food! Think you know what healthy is… you may be wrong.


10 Energy Foods

Public School Lunches

Paleo Diet reviewed by WebMD

Soy: magic bean or tragic bean? see Beachbody website for this info

Whether you are training for professional sports or for life, the effort should be the same! Nutrition and exercise determine the outcome. Want performance on the field you must train and eat right. Want to be healthy and be able to get up for work no matter what your job is you must train and eat right!

Nov 5th Eleni talks with Brian Burres of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Mike Ekstrom of the Tampa Bay Rays about how they prepare for being professional athletes and how that is just as important for anybody. Check out the interview LISTEN now!

Brian and Mike are both pitchers spending their off season in Portland Oregon training at AIM (Athletes in Motion) Training Center. They train with Zane Kelly, NSCA cPT, a former Concordia University Baseball player. Kelly is a baseball coach and Nike SPARQ trainer who has recently founded AIM specifically to work with athletes and baseball players of all levels. For more info on training with AIM go here.

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Get Fit Portland got some insight from Gina Rau on how to help our kids eat healthier. Gina is amazing, she has worked on and in all aspects of the food industry from fast food to grocers and suppliers. Now she dedicates her time to healthy eating and food options among many other things. Just check out what she’s up to, she works for Aisle 7 and blogs on Feed Our Families and Change becomes Change. Feed Our Families is full of tips, recipes, information and personal experiences to help you.

Gina talked about packing healthier lunches, her sons food sensitivities and how to get kids to “eat a rainbow of colors”. To hear the show click here and enjoy Episode 18.

Gina is also awesome on Facebook and Twitter. Give her a follow.

Hearing her talk about how her kids read labels and make healthy food decisions was a really great. Gina passed on some exciting news about how public schools here in Portland are making changes so that cafeteria lunches have more healthy choices as well as local products. We know we can control what goes in the lunch sack but Gina also gave some ideas on how we may have a say in what goes into our kids school lunches when they eat at the cafeteria as well. Find out how to become active in your school and your kids health.

Eat all your colors today and have a healthier life 🙂

Eleni K.

Are you struggling getting your kids on board with healthy eating? Listen to Get Fit Portland Episode 8 and hear Pediatric Dietician, Kirti Raol of Providence Hospital talk about what’s up with kids diets these days.

1. Kids over the age of 2 should eat like adults, (ie no special dinner but have what the family is eating)
2. Calcium is important. 3 servings a day
3. 6-8 cups of water per day more if exercising or participating in sports (this bumps up relative to size)
4. Bring kids to the grocery store. Teach them to shop the perimeter, sticking to whole foods, let them pick ones they like.
5. Limit processed foods, especially those void of nutritional value. Explain that they will not grow or function well on these foods.

If your child is under or over the suggested weight for their height or age seek out a nutritionist or pediatric dietician. Having health issues explained by a professional may be easier for kids to believe plus they will see that you really care about their health.

For more information check out
To learn more about Kirti Raol or other who can help here in Portland click here

So, if its time to go grocery shopping, take the kids with you. Don’t forget to start by cleaning out the pantry at your home first. Your kids know what shouldn’t be there, let them show you and get rid of what doesn’t belong. One great idea, donate unwanted packaged foods to a shelter or food bank.

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Making healthy choices at the last minute can be hard. Either you don’t have “good” choices available or you over eat &/or justify “bad” choices because you waited too long to eat and feel you “deserve” or can handle the extra calories.

Some tips on making healthy snack choices easier.
1) pack a snack at all times (pick something balanced in protein carbs and EFA’s)
2) know your options. If you need to stop at a store know what are you looking for, don’t grab just anything.
3) drink water. has it been 3 hours since you ate last? sometimes we think we need a snack when what we really need is water.

“Good” Snack Choices:
1) 1 string cheese with 1/2 c celery sticks and 14 raw almonds (this can all fit into a snack small bag)
2) 1-2 hard boiled egg with 1/2 c jicama and carrots sticks and 14 raw pistachios
3) 14 gr serving of protein powder w/water and 1/2 banana + 1/2 Tbsp natural peanut butter blended

You will be the most successful with your nutrition when you take the time to plan and be prepared. Don’t let poor planning derail you from your health goals. Take a few extra moments each week to plan out your snacks.

Eleni K.

In yesterday’s show on we mention a wonderful website designed to help people find a personal trainer and/or nutritionist in their area. Everyone on their site is verified so you can trust the results. If you need help, don’t wait…check out today and find a Personal Trainer in your area who can help you get on the road to being healthy. (If you are a trainer get registers so clients can find you!!)  I am currently the female featured trainer…yay! Set up time with me through

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