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Feb 9th – Michael J Emery. Eleni & MJE review and discuss the NLP Universal Modeling Process (part 2). Many examples are given to illustrate how these principles apply to your ability to process external stimuli and communicate more effectively.


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Jan 26th – NLP and the Universal Modeling Process are discussed. Listen as Michael J Emery and Eleni talk about how external stimuli are processed instantaneously in the mind. Here about how time space, matter, energy, language, memories, decisions, attitudes, etc. have an effect.


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Nov 15th – All about health. What is healthy? Being healthy is creating balance among food, movement, emotional and social states. Get some tips on balancing all that relates to your health. LISTEN NOW


1. eat whole foods

2. balance protein, unrefined carbs and essential fatty acids

3. drink plenty of water


1. move daily

2. stretch

3. move weight, body or otherwise


1. relax/reduce stress

2. establish a mind/body connection

3. don’t repress emotions, work through your issues


1. create and maintain meaningful relationships

2. interact with like minded people

3. share with others, we all have value and a responsibility to support each other with healthy living


Show gratitude in all areas of life! Food, body, mind/emotional, social…. find balance, be healthy

Point: Health is not one thing but all things. Put some focus on each category each day so that nothing gets overlooked. Plan food, plan movement, plan rest time, plan social events… smile a lot!


by Eleni K