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Oct 4th 2011 – Anxiety and diet. Dr Carlotta Watson and Dr Ciprian discuss with Eleni K how diet can effect anxiety. Different levels of anxiety are shared as well as tips to balance blood sugar which will alleviate symptoms. Vegetarianism, nervous systems hormones and more. Eat lots of meat!


Jan 7th – Robert Cheeke, vegan body builder, shares info about Forks Over Knives documentary debuting this weekend. Food is your medicine! Learn how processed foods and animal based diet is causing illness and disease. Whatever you choose be accountable and do it right.


get more on Vegan Body Building or learn about Robert Cheeke

If you are in Portland check out the movie debut Jan 7th-13th at Regal Fox Tower. Opening everywhere March 11th, 2011

Forks Over Knives

The Nov 3rd show helps define healthy living and natural health. Aaron and Eleni discuss meat, gratitude and how to maintain healthy bones, plus what is muscle confusion and why do want some. Also, today Eleni wears underwear…supergirl to be exact!

Hear it now!

Review of articles from the Nov Issue of Natural Health Mag

New Rules For Eating Meat: What’s best for animals the environment and you p.74

1. Understand the issues

2. Look for greener pastures

3. Accept the real costs

4. Expand your palate

5. Stay local

Master the Art of Gratitude: p.15

Gratitude works! Tips…

1. Keep a journal

2. Express yourself

3. See a bigger picture

4. Celebrate Thanksgiving everyday

Big News On Bone Health: p.18

1. Go Beyond Calcuim

2. Don’t rely on calcium supplements

3. Take vit D & C

4. Say no to drugs

5. Move it (or lose it)

6. Cut back on Salt

For more listen to the podcast or read Natural Health Mag!

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meat…gotta love it!!

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Diet, Fitness, Weightloss
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Not everyone loves meat…many people choose to be vegetarian or vegan based on principle. I, however, am a meat lover. I eat protein in some form at every meal 4-6 times a day. Today on Get Fit Portland we talked with Bruce the main butcher at Zupan’s, a local specialty grocer in Portland OR. Zupan’s which has been open for 35 years, is dedicated to providing high quality products, quite often from local producers.

We got a lot of great information about different cuts and types of meat as well as cooking methods. We learned that Zupan’s not only provides high quality local products but that they display that information for the consumer and help you purchase and pair products that will compliment each other. If you are in Portland go say “hi” to Bruce at the Burnside location and pick up some quality local meats, then stop by and meet Susan who runs the salt bar to find out how to better prepare and season your foods.

Zupan’s would like you to become a Facebook fan as well, once you do, you are automatically entered to win FREE gift cards to their store.

Upcoming event this weekend July 24/25 at the Zupan’s on Macadam, they will be hosting a Farmer’s Market with many exciting things to see and taste.
get more info at

My final thought on today’s show was that “food is fuel”. I am very passionate about that concept. Even more important, the type of fuel you consume defines your efficiency.

What should you look for?
high quality
organic products
free of pesticides and antibiotics
minimally processed
and locally produced

Follow these guidelines as much as possible and you will find yourself feeling better in no time.

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Have a happy and healthy day and don’t forget to eat your meat!

Eleni K