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Sept 1st 2011 – Fitness App Reviews. Eleni K talks about myfitnesspal Loseit, ilog1, runkeeper and more. Also a discussion about the benefits of massage and top 9 foods that kids love but probably shouldn’t eat.




The Nov 2nd episode focuses on pain. Causes, management and solutions. Dr. Ciprian and Eleni discuss where pain may generate from in the body. What referred pain is. How pain is related to general health. Plus some feedback on why staying well hydrated and eating well is important for your health and keeping pain at bay. Whatever your pain problem might be there is something here for you to hear! So no more giving it away …LISTEN and share it!

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I just got done chatting with Molly Brown of Balance Massage and Skin Care. Check out episode 14 here or subscribe to us on iTunes at Get Fit Portland and never miss a show…it’s FREE

Molly has been doing massage for over 8 years. She was a wealth of information on different types of massage, the benefits of body work and what one should know about getting a massage. She offers various treatments style and opportunities. Get more info from Molly at or give her a call at 503 502 2694.

Massage is great for rehabbing an injury, soothing sore muscles, reducing stress and providing self care. Take advantage of the benefits of massage today.

If you are in Portland and want to see Molly you can enjoy $10 off any first visit just by mentioning Get Fit Portland or Get Fit Training. PLUS a super special offer: the first new client to book a 1 hr training session at Get Fit Training with Eleni and mention this offer will receive a COMPLIMENTARY MASSAGE from Molly. Can’t beat that!!

Get in touch with Eleni at 503 816 1070

Were you listening today. Great workout song recommendations from @MsLierre @beachchk @seejanerunshow click on their names to follow them on Twitter.

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