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March 18th – Birthdays, Tattoos and Honey! What is the best thing to put on fresh ink. The many healing properties of honey and is there a difference between raw and refined honey. Mmmm…. BHT. What’s up with preservatives are they just a bunch of letters and numbers or something that is actually bad for you?



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honey benefits and raw vs refined info

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Nov 9th Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni not only remind you why you should stay away from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners but break the illusion that agave syrup is good and give alternate sources that are healthy.

Get sweet from fruit. Always include the pulp. Important enzymes and fiber from the pulp is needed to digest the sugars in the fruit properly.

Look for raw, unrefined cane sugar and brown sugar. In fact raw and unrefined is what you are looking for as far as honey and molasses go as well. And maple syrup, organic of course, is good too!

Want more LISTEN now! Episode Nov 9th

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