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Sept 12th 2011 – PMS

Posted: September 14, 2011 in womens health
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Sept 12th 2011 – PMS. Kyle McAvoy of Pearl Womens Center comes on to discuss pms, signs, symptoms & natural remedies. Hear about how diet, vitamins and lifestyle changes can help alleviate the symptoms as well as fun tips and facts



May 4th 2011 – Knee health. Bethany Learn of Fit to be US visits to talk about her recent meniscus surgery. Info about keeping knees healthy, how to strengthen, how to eat properly and rehab after surgery. Plus what can you do to make sure your meniscus is in it’s strongest state.


May 3rd 2011 – Water and other fun stuff! Dr Ciprian and Eleni K talk about the benefits of drinking enough water and having a proper diet. Lots of healthy living support. Get involved in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.


April 22nd 2011 – Volunteering is good for your health. Eleni is joined by Andy Coleman, Executive Director of Hands On Greater Portland to discuss how volunteering can help you be healthier. Stress reduction, sense of purpose, community contribution, higher energy levels all create better health and ultimately reduce disease. Learn how to get involved today!


Get Signed up for Comcast Cares Day April 30th

current sources of interest regarding how volunteering benefits your health

April 8th 2011 – Treatment Diaries. Amy Ohm from visits to discuss chronic illness and how her service works to help support those living with chronic illness. Over 1,600 illness and 160 countries are present on TD’s support site. Whether you have an illness or are supporting someone with one, Treatment Diaries will give you hope that you are not alone and can get better.


March 31st –

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Diet, health
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March 31st – Foods and their impact on your health. 6 surprising super foods, is black the new green? 9 appetite suppressing foods. What’s wrong with low cal snacks? …. and bye – bye belly bloat!


6 super foods. is black the new green? try Black rice, Black lentils, Blackberries, Black beans, Black soybeans &/or Black tea.

9 appetite suppressing foods

8 under 80 calories…. YUK! its quality of food not quantity that matters, a little bit of junk is still junk!

March 21st – 100th show! We celebrate the 100th episode of Get Fit Now by sharing 100 things you can do today to be healthier. Information shared from “Eat This Not That” about making better fast food choices as well as regarding spring cleaning for your house to help support a healthier body. Pilates “saw” is described.


Celebrate your life and our 100th show! Do these things today!

100 things for your health today….this will be easier than you think

10 push ups (can be done on your knees)

10 glasses of water (you should anyway)

10 flights of stairs (walk or run)

10 different veggies and you can count fruits too (go for a salad bar where you can get a little of a lot of things)

10 things on a gratitude list (I like to do 100 of these everyday so 10 is no bigs)

10 squats (want more of a challenge do squat jumps)

10 tell people you love them (you can include your self so that is 1 now find 9 more)

10 minutes to check out and breathe ie meditate (this is bliss and your body & mind will thank you)

10 dollars to savings (move 10 from checking to savings or give 10 to a charity)

10 minutes to help someone (do something for someone else, unload the dishwasher, carry someone’s groceries, invite a friends to do 10 push ups with you or take them on a walk)

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in GOOD health!