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Sept 19th 2011 – Vit D. Food sources, RDA’s and reasons for needing this popular vitamin. Eleni K talks about how our state of health determines our ability to absorb nutrients. Hints to drink more water and take the Get Fit Challenge.




Vitamin D info

May 27th 2011 – Tips to survive Memorial Day weekend. Eleni K discusses tips to get through Memorial Day Weekend or any big party without gaining weight. Plus listener questions answered on plyometrics & knee pain and getting energy on overcast days. Find out how to take the Get Fit Challenge and the TRX 40/40 challenge.



May 17th 2011 – Are you challenged to be fit? Learn about the Weekly Fitness Challenge, take the Get Fit Challenge and try a Pilates roll up. Plus ideas on farm fresh foods from your community and is agave nectar “good” or “bad” for you?


links that came up on the show today:

summer cocktail recipes mentioned from Women’s Health Mag

info on agave syrup sited

March 16th – Is a little good enough? What if I’m not getting anywhere? What’s most important when label reading? Get your questions answered and take the Get Fit Challenge plus what’s Fight Club PDX all about? Belly dancer move described for building strong core and back.


March 11th – 26 Ultimate Fitness Adventures from Oxygen magazine part 2. Get ideas for how to jump start your healthy living plans by adding variety to your fitness routine. Trapeze, kitesurfing, canoeing, oh my! Also learn about water aerobics and spinning plus planning a clean eating food party with your friends. Get Fit Challenge is taken.


Dec 23rd – Being Present in the Moment! Mindful eating and watching where you go. Amazing list of season fruits and veggies which stay fresh longer. How to make black bean brownies and a study on helping kids make healthier choices at school all come up on this episode.



I will update this post later with links for the articles cited and the Dr Pittman study about kids and healthy choices at school all of which came from the Jan 2011 Idea Fitness Journal.

Need a little daily help in implementing a healthy lifestyle?! Pick up the Get Fit Challenge for iPhone/iPod or get the web app version


Black Bean Brownies:

take a can (15.5oz) of whole black beans and blend

mix in a box of brownie mix

add water to create correct consistency

bake per directions

* I have not tried this. article suggested it raised protein and fiber levels while reducing fat as the oil and egg are not used


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Nov 12th –  Eleni’s Birthday! Can you guess her age? LISTEN and find out! Plus chocolate or vanilla cupcakes… see what the chat box has to say. Other topics covered, The Get Fit Challenge App, SMART goal setting and finding support systems!

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SMART goals = specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely

Support Systems = Listen to Get Fit Now Radio, hang out with like minded friends, get your whole family on board!

Huge “thank you” to Sabrina, Robert and Jay for chiming in to help me through this show!

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