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June 29th 2011 – Exercise and Breasts. Bethany Learn of Fit 2b Us visits to share info on women and exercise. Should exercises be different for men and women, do the breasts limit them plus a great recipe for breast milk beer bread. Also info on birth control pills related to women’s mind body connection. Don’t miss this one!


get the recipe for Bethany’s Breast Milk Beer Bread

April 20th 2011 – All around babies! Join Eleni and Bethany Learn as they discuss pre & post natal nutrition and exercise topics. Breast feeding, proper exercise, The Tupler Technique and more. Ideas on how should you eat and move before, during and after your baby comes. Interesting facts and stories shared.


links discussed or mentioned:

Four Fitness Tips for Newborn Fit 2B Mamas by Bethany Learn

Breastfeeding Wikipedia info

La Leche League

Mar 2nd – Chair Exercises. Bethany Learn from Fit 2b Us visits to discuss chair exercises. 8 exercises in specific are described as well as other applications for using a chair in yoga and Pilates. Bethany also gives a link to a free video on chair exercises on her site as well as updates us on the progress of her diastasis recti treatment.



Feb 25thMary Hellman visits to talk about being Miss Portland USA and preparing for Miss Oregon with Hit to Fit. Also 9 ways to become happy in 30 minutes, soy and singing!


9 ways to become happy in 30 minutes, read the article

Some info on soy from Scientific American

Dec 28th – Eleni & Dr Ciprian discuss the following questions….What happens when we exercise? Are supplements good? What’s enough sleep? Also ending 2010 this week with yet another 20/10 workout for fun this time it’s on the stairs.


Tabata for the day 20/10 interval on the stairs (walk, jog or run up 1 flight of stairs then come down and for 20 sec/rest for 10 sec repeat for 4 min)

**modify the workout by stepping up and down on one step or staying on the floor and tapping a foot (alternating feet) up on a step

Dec 10th – Kids & exercise. Preparing kids to workout on their own, developing habits towards exercise will serve them in the long run! Gym Etiquette. When is it ok to do “your thing” and when is it too much. Plus the final review of TRX & Kettlebell: Iron Power Circuit. It’s a YES. buy it!


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Nov 17th –  Gimmicks vs gadgets: our opinion on what’s good, bad or something you might actually need. Plus do not fall prey to marketing, how to determine what is a good health or fitness product, diet or idea. Look for holistic concepts. Shake weight, thigh master, TRX and the Zone Diet all get a mentioned on this podcast.


What makes a fitness product good? what makes it worth investing in for your health? I believe you should look for something holistic. If a product seems to target one function or one body part it will fall considerable short when it comes to your success.

Examples of things to question:

1. A diet that is named for a specific food as if the consumption of that food alone will promote weight loss. Always look for diets that support variety and balance among food groups.

2. A piece of equipment that only works one body part. You will not get a six pack from any ab machine but rather a combination of specific eating, exercise and stress reducing habits. Getting visible abs is just as much about getting fat off as it is about building muscle. Look for equipment that integrates the body. (like TRX or Pilates Reformer)

3. A “too good to be true” service or pill that lacks nutrition or movement as a part of their plan. Think sauna suits, electric impulses, fat burning supplements or vibrating platforms.

It is not that any one of these products might not be valid as a piece of the puzzle but they are by no means able to stand alone as a solution to creating a healthy life.

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For those who haven’t seen this yet and are wondering “what the heck is a Shake Weight…?”

To see the MASS SUIT discussed on today’s show

Or the TRX Suspension Trainer

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