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April 14th 2011 – What is healthy eating? Aaron Mathis and Eleni discuss the Paleo diet, 10 Energy Foods, the soy tragedy and if kids should be forced to eat public school food! Think you know what healthy is… you may be wrong.


10 Energy Foods

Public School Lunches

Paleo Diet reviewed by WebMD

Soy: magic bean or tragic bean? see Beachbody website for this info

March 21st – 100th show! We celebrate the 100th episode of Get Fit Now by sharing 100 things you can do today to be healthier. Information shared from “Eat This Not That” about making better fast food choices as well as regarding spring cleaning for your house to help support a healthier body. Pilates “saw” is described.


Celebrate your life and our 100th show! Do these things today!

100 things for your health today….this will be easier than you think

10 push ups (can be done on your knees)

10 glasses of water (you should anyway)

10 flights of stairs (walk or run)

10 different veggies and you can count fruits too (go for a salad bar where you can get a little of a lot of things)

10 things on a gratitude list (I like to do 100 of these everyday so 10 is no bigs)

10 squats (want more of a challenge do squat jumps)

10 tell people you love them (you can include your self so that is 1 now find 9 more)

10 minutes to check out and breathe ie meditate (this is bliss and your body & mind will thank you)

10 dollars to savings (move 10 from checking to savings or give 10 to a charity)

10 minutes to help someone (do something for someone else, unload the dishwasher, carry someone’s groceries, invite a friends to do 10 push ups with you or take them on a walk)

Read this Huffington Post Article from the Health section.  Then check out and follow all these Health and Fitness greats on Twitter!

Need a trainer or nutritionist? go to to find the best!

Want to hear me on today’s episode of In Bed With Matt and Phil

in GOOD health!


March 18th – Birthdays, Tattoos and Honey! What is the best thing to put on fresh ink. The many healing properties of honey and is there a difference between raw and refined honey. Mmmm…. BHT. What’s up with preservatives are they just a bunch of letters and numbers or something that is actually bad for you?



Links Discussed:

honey benefits and raw vs refined info

Support forum Treatment Diaries and volunteer opportunities Hands on Greater Portland


March 11th – 26 Ultimate Fitness Adventures from Oxygen magazine part 2. Get ideas for how to jump start your healthy living plans by adding variety to your fitness routine. Trapeze, kitesurfing, canoeing, oh my! Also learn about water aerobics and spinning plus planning a clean eating food party with your friends. Get Fit Challenge is taken.


March 10th – Things to propel your fitness state, 26 Ultimate Fitness Adventures from Oxygen Magazine pt 1. Move more toward a healthier life by adding variety to your activities, foods and habits. Learn why deli meats are not good for you and get other healthy living support. Sodas, celery with peanut butter and Pavlov all come up too!


Feb 21stFeldenkrais pelvic clock, goji berries and tips to get you started being healthy all year round. Eleni also talks about the Food Matters documentary and the idea that food can really be your medicine if you eat it right.


Nutritional info on corn and goji berries

Feb 15thDr Robert Ciprian and Eleni discuss how the body determines if something is good for it or not and how muscle testing can be used to check that. Keeping chemical consumption low and support toward whole foods plus taking time for yourself.