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May 10th 2011 – Elements and organs. Dr Ciprian talks with Eleni K about the elements of Chinese philosophy in respect to which organs they represent and what time of day is relative to those organs. Learn how this indicates or contributes to your health. Other helpful information about eating right and how the body functions.


May 6th 2011 – Food and Behavior. Dr Ciprian and Eleni K talk about how food effects your behavior. Vitamin B deficiencies have symptoms mirroring neuropsychiatric disorders. Too much sugar can cause problems with attention, lethargy and depression. Get tips on how to help regulate your emotions and create better health. Plus hangover remedies!


May 3rd 2011 – Water and other fun stuff! Dr Ciprian and Eleni K talk about the benefits of drinking enough water and having a proper diet. Lots of healthy living support. Get involved in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.


April 19th 2011 – Healthy eating. Dr Ciprian and Eleni talk about what you are really eating. Dairy, calcium, aspartame…. how are these things affecting your health? Are eggs a dairy product? Plus a one week weight loss story from Get Fit Training Studio was shared.


Aspartame Info mentioned on this episode

Kerrygold…. where cows actually eat grass!

I eat “healthy”… I hear it all the time but is it true… almost never! listen to one clients 1 week results on this episode then call to get your self started! 503 816 1070

in GOOD health


April 12th 2011 – Microwaves, salt and lifting weights. Dr Ciprian and Eleni answer questions about safety of microwaves, if salt is good for you and are chickens crazy. Also should women lift weight and are your healthy diet choices actually “healthy”?


April 5th 2011 – Arthritis & Weight Loss. Dr Ciprian and Eleni talk about arthritis, oseto and rheumatoid plus weight loss. Differences are outlines, links to liver function is discussed and some solutions for improving the condition are mentioned. Bottom line, obesity doesn’t exactly contribute to the arthritis but the way you eat contributes to both obesity and arthritis. Time to eat clean!


article on arthritis sited

March 29th – Holistic medicine. Dr Ciprian & Eleni discuss the difference between western/conventional, natural/alternative and holistic medical practices? Also why buy organics, how to manage stress and other fun stuff!


David Zinczenko Article in Yahoo Health

Dr Mercola’s opinion of above article

we give our opinions but you gotta listen 🙂