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Have you tried everything? Struggled with weight loss for too long? Thought about lap band surgery?

We talked lap band surgery as a tool for weight loss with Dr Emma Patterson of Oregon Weight Loss Surgery today. See episode 11. She offers a surgical procedure to aid in weight loss. The lap band is a little ring inserted over the top of the stomach. This reduces the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. Along with the smaller portions of food the person actually experiences less hunger. We learned that this is because of a change in the level of a hormone called ghrelin. Over time with good diet and exercise practices the patient WILL lose weight.

This procedure is not for everyone. There are some requirements for lap band surgery, primarily having a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 40, this equates to being about 100lbs overweight. In addition, your doctor may put you through other physical and psychological test to assess your readiness for the procedure. If you have struggled with weight issues for years, are morbidly obese or have health issues like diabetes or heart conditions related to being overweight please get more information about alternative tools such as lap band surgery that may help you get back the vitality and health you deserve.

If you are in a state other than Oregon, Dr Patterson recommends finding a Bariatic Surgeon through the following websites:

Everyone needs help at some point. We need support from our family and friends. Staying healthy takes commitment and a support system. For more help finding a support system or to answer your health related questions please email me at

Eleni K

Yesterday I wrote the longest most amazing blog post about Applied Kinesiology and in particular Dr Robert Ciprian. Upon hitting “save draft” my internet connection dropped momentarily and my post failed to save. Ugh!

Interestingly, I did not freak out or get upset…I had just come from a session with the good Doctor and was feeling quite balanced to say the least. I was, however, not able to rewrite my post at the time. Here is the low down and necessary links to get you more info. Hopefully soon I will recreate the lost blog post when time permits… for now here it goes….

Recently we interviewed Dr Ciprian for the Get Fit Portland Radio show. He was a massive resource of information on health. He gave clear insight into how one should eat and function. I loved this because finally Rose was accepting some of what I keep telling her.

Dr Ciprian is a chiropractor who also holds a Diploma of Applied Kinesiology. The field of Applied Kinesiology is quite amazing.

Applied kinesiology (AK) is a form of diagnosis using muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a person’s body is functioning. When properly applied, the outcome of an AK diagnosis will determine the best form of therapy for the patient. Since AK draws together the core elements of many complementary therapies, it provides an interdisciplinary approach to health care.

Each muscle in the body relates to an organ or function. By reading body movement and muscle testing one can assess various health issues. This practice is truly holistic. For optimal health to take place one must assess and balance all aspects of their being… structural, musculature, biochemical, emotional, energy flow etc. It is not one thing that gives us good health but rather creating balance with everything we are made of. A huge factor in this is diet. Eating clean and balancing blood sugar is a start. Eventually providing the body with proper fuel and limiting or eliminating toxins is essential. We are greatly effected by what we eat because that is what we are giving our body to create and function with, this however is just a piece of the puzzle.

After meeting Dr Ciprian for our show I wanted to check out his services for myself. I went for an evaluation and treatment. I was very impressed with every aspect of his practice and service. I highly recommend that you check out the interview as well as his site and even set up a session for yourself.

A final thought, take a look at the big picture. Start loving yourself and treating yourself with respect. First step eat, drink, move, love, laugh, etc. for your health and the rest will all fall into place. Care how you feel, not how you look!

Eleni K