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Sept 16th 2011 – Vegan. Becoming more plant based diet yes but vegan… not always what it seems to be. Eating a ton of grain or processed foods and cutting out meat is not healthy either. Eat more veggies but keep the meat! Also slow down, no need to be too busy.



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Sept 12th 2011 – PMS

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Sept 12th 2011 – PMS. Kyle McAvoy of Pearl Womens Center comes on to discuss pms, signs, symptoms & natural remedies. Hear about how diet, vitamins and lifestyle changes can help alleviate the symptoms as well as fun tips and facts



July 4th – 8th 2011

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July 4th 2011 – Fourth of July. Eleni K is on talking about how to be successful at holiday BBQ’s and supporting you to be healthy amongst traditions and temptation. Pilates single leg kick and burpees are brought up as fun exercises for the day as is a recipe for radish salad. Plus try “smelling the roses” it is more than just good advice it will de-stress you!


July 5th 2011 – 7 ways to stop sugar addiction with Dr C. A variety of health related topics with Dr Ciprian including reducing sugar addiction, allergies, muscle testing and healthy eating. Check out his blog


July 6th 2011 – Miss Portland, Mary Hellman visits Eleni K. Mary brings guest Ted Roe an Argentinian tango dancer among other things to talk about getting back on track after a holiday like the 4th of July, bikini options and her Hit to Fit workout. Plus she sings for us!


July 7th 2011 – Supporting good health. Ideas on picking a fitness blog or newsletter that is worthwhile and right for you. Do you like the taste of water? Eleni K takes a poll and talks about drinking enough real water not other types of “water”.


July 8th 2011 – HIIT. Eleni K talks all about HIIT, high intensity interval training. Why it works and why you might want to choose it over steady state endurance cardio. Also you cannot workout enough to overcome a bad diet!


May 6th 2011 – Food and Behavior. Dr Ciprian and Eleni K talk about how food effects your behavior. Vitamin B deficiencies have symptoms mirroring neuropsychiatric disorders. Too much sugar can cause problems with attention, lethargy and depression. Get tips on how to help regulate your emotions and create better health. Plus hangover remedies!


April 14th 2011 – What is healthy eating? Aaron Mathis and Eleni discuss the Paleo diet, 10 Energy Foods, the soy tragedy and if kids should be forced to eat public school food! Think you know what healthy is… you may be wrong.


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March 15th – Soy. The good, the bad and the ugly as explained by Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni K. What is wrong with soy? Why should you consider cutting it out of your diet? Health benefits and concerns are discussed around foods that get hype for being healthy when they aren’t.


Dr C’s info on soy

Special Guest Blog- Holly Danks

It started with a vacation to Disneyland last March. It continued through a dream golf trip in April, a family tragedy in July and a trip home for my father’s 80th birthday in October.

It ends today.

Because if I don’t quit eating junk and making excuses for not working out, all my hard work losing 80 pounds in 2009 will be erased, a piece of candy (or two) here, a bowl of ice cream or popcorn there.

My health gains are being erased by weight gains:

— My surgically repaired knees are hurting again, after I was able to walk golf courses and play softball the past two summers without pain.

— My cholesterol is back up, after having gone down so much when I lost weight that my startled doctor said, “No lower!”

— My blood pressure, migraines and overall “blah” feelings also are on the rise.

When my Get Fit Now trainer Eleni K. got me back on the scale, my worst fears were confirmed. I knew my new clothes are tighter, my thighs are beginning to rub again, my endurance on the spin bike is down and I’m not able to lift as heavy of weights as I had just a few months ago.  But there it was staring me in the face – 30 pounds gained in the past year. If I don’t get back on the right track, what’s it all been for? An exercise in futility? Throwing away money on training and a new wardrobe, as well as tossing aside my health? And the longer I wait to turn the tables – or literally get up from the table, couch and refrigerator – the harder it is going to be.

That’s why, as of today, I’ve quit diet soda cold turkey. At Eleni’s urging, I came home from the gym and cleaned out my cupboards, tossing box after box of processed mac’n’cheese and salty crackers, bag after bag of buttery microwave popcorn and tortilla chips, piles of leftover Christmas candy and cans of hot chocolate.

No excuses. No rationalizing that because I lost the weight before it’s OK to drop the diet, or rather, ditch what should have become a new lifestyle. Because what started out as just one Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzel for fun at Disneyland and special after-golf Southern punch at Pinehurst led to finishing Dad’s monstrosity of a sheet cake and masking the pain with comfort food after my husband’s brother suddenly died.

Before I knew it, I was bringing home pizza every week, plopping in front of the TV and eating a full bag of popcorn every night and raiding the candy Christmas presents any time I darn-well pleased.

So I sat down at my computer today – with my water bottle actually filled with water and not a sports drink – to pledge in writing, for all to see, that I will not go back to that unhealthy, overweight person I was before working so hard to get in shape. What a waste that would be.

Besides getting rid of the bad stuff in the kitchen, I am writing out new goals for weight loss and a schedule of workouts to help accomplish them. I also need to plan out meals, household chores and craft projects so I can get motivated and boost my self-esteem by checking off what I accomplish.

It is easy to fall back on old habits. Sticking with change is hard. But I’ve learned it’s even harder starting over.

To get support living healthier please listen to Get Fit Now Radio

As a trainer, it’s hard to hear Holly’s story. I helped support her through losing over 80 pounds. I hoped to see her enjoy many years of good health, free of pain and medications. It hard to see her struggle and “start over” but as I commented on episode 1/31/11 there are no limits to hitting rock bottom. We can find ourselves in the same place over and over.  Holly’s story is not unique, I hear it all the time. Let’s try and learn from the struggle of others. Life will give you no shortage of opportunities to get “off track” so maybe changing your attitude is what is needed. For example,  one might look at fuel (diet) and movement (exercise) as necessities to life which are permanent not temporary. Keep in mind, one can only help another so much. The individual has to make a choice to control their life and realize  their potential, it can’t be done for them. Holly asked for help is now getting herself back on track.  I am immensely proud of her effort. ~ Eleni K

Jan 27thAnything Goes Diet. Aaron & Eleni ask John Barban about the Anything Goes Diet. Health comes from proper nutrition and movement not from a too good to be true advertisement. Lots of things work and many more work when used with diet and exercise but the bottom line is simple, good health comes from a balance of nutrition/fuel, exercise/movement and emotional/mental wellness and support.


Dec 29th – Nutritionist Jane McNeil explains why it is important to detoxify and purify our system. Hear about sugar, HFCS and the fact that we consume on average 4 lbs of pesticides per year. Eating whole organic foods will limit the toxins coming into the body and free up the liver to actually be able to do its 500 functions.


Today’s Tabata:

Jump rope 20 sec then rest 10, bent over rowing 20 sec then rest 10, weighted squats 20 sec then rest 10 and push ups for 20 seconds then rest 10 repeat series of 4 exercises 1 time. Total time 4 minutes.

**Need help detoxifying? Find out more about Jane and her services at

Dec 17th – HCG Diet: listener question answered. What makes a plan sustainable and how can you determine what is right for you. Reference to “what does 200 calories look like?”  Shout outs and appreciation to our listeners. Plus musings on whether or not we are doing enough each day to prove our life has value to us.


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