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May 13th 2011 – Kelly Dean, PT and coach of the Tummy Team visits to discuss diastatis recti and the Tupler Technique with Eleni K. Hear about exercises you think are helping but are actually causing the problem plus how the rehab works. This is a must listen for anyone with back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, a tummy pooch, constipation, etc.



Mar 2nd – Chair Exercises. Bethany Learn from Fit 2b Us visits to discuss chair exercises. 8 exercises in specific are described as well as other applications for using a chair in yoga and Pilates. Bethany also gives a link to a free video on chair exercises on her site as well as updates us on the progress of her diastasis recti treatment.




Feb 16 – Diastasis Recti. Bethany Learn co-hosts with Eleni to share signs, symptoms and contraindicated exercises related to diastasis recti. The Tupler Technique is explained and support is given toward self acceptance and getting a stronger happier body.


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