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June 1st 2011 – Challenges, cell phones, school lunches, oh my! Lots of listener questions and chat box interaction around making healthy changes that matter. Eleni K’s ideas on how frequently to eat, drink and keep your attitude in check.



1 week challenge by Eleni K: No precessed foods and move everyday!

2 week challenge by Dr Ciprian: follow these tips for 2 weeks and email in your story to for a chance to be on our show

May 26th 2011 – Get Fit NOW. Hear Eleni K and Aaron Mathis chat on a variety of topics and listener questions. Perception, dysmorphia, Slendalean, Get Fit Challenge, HCG diet, breast cancer, cruciferous veggies and push ups… oh my!



Mt. Hood is a popular destination spot in Oregon. It is beautiful as you can see by the picture and popular as you can see by it’s ranking as 2nd most climbed mountain in the world. We recently interviewed Asit Rathod an Oregonian who has summited Mt Hood over 100 times, hiking up and skiing down. To hear this interview click here and check out episode 7.

To get more info on Mt Hood or setting up a hike or ski trip check out

To get more info about Asit Rathod check out

Eleni K.

We can all do little things to make getting healthier or fitter a part of each day. Take the stairs! I recommend just walking them though…

I got “called out” last week when I mentioned I could probably beat the seemingly slow elevator to the 14th floor. So I put it to the test running 28 flights in 57.4 seconds just to be proven wrong by the 22 seconds faster elevator. Hear more about it this week on Get Fit Portland, Thursday at 2pm on and tune in next week as we reveal Rose’s stair running stats after she goes head to head against my time.