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October 21st 2011 – Stress and Antioxidants and Nitrates… oh my! Hear about cost effective eating. Nitrates and colorectal cancer, could more expensive food now save you money later. Does all the good food and exercise in the world make you healthy if you are too stressed?


Oct 10th – Repeat of Pearl Womens Center

Oct 11th – Measuring success. How do you measure your success? Look at more than just the scale. Tips on different measurements of health. Also the Abs Diet Cookbook and increasing balance through exercise.


Oct 12th – Sharing, Success and Sweeteners. Eleni K reviews measurements of success and gives tips to staying successful. Clive Mbanga and Gaspar James get shout outs for their Facebook posts plus mission is set to read a label today.


Oct 13th – For the Love of Boobs!. Amy Theburge of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of the American Cancer Society visits to talk about breast cancer and how you can get involved to help others. Plus her fashion show event. Also get ideas about being healthier before it’s too late.


Oct 14th – Repeat of past show

















Sept 16th 2011 – Vegan. Becoming more plant based diet yes but vegan… not always what it seems to be. Eating a ton of grain or processed foods and cutting out meat is not healthy either. Eat more veggies but keep the meat! Also slow down, no need to be too busy.



Breast Cancer Stats

Oregonian Article Going Vegan

Info for the VegFest

Ideas about butter


Sept 14th 2011 – What is healthy living anyway? A major “call to action” is given. Is your lifestyle contributing to the growing obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes rate, if so what are you going to do about it? Preventative health care is as easy as moving everyday, eating right and supporting yourself and others in health! many shout outs to great organizations to follow.




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May 26th 2011 – Get Fit NOW. Hear Eleni K and Aaron Mathis chat on a variety of topics and listener questions. Perception, dysmorphia, Slendalean, Get Fit Challenge, HCG diet, breast cancer, cruciferous veggies and push ups… oh my!



May 24th 2011  – Butter, Breast Cancer Prevention and Eating Right. Dr Ciprian and Eleni K discuss how to reduce dis-ease in the body through nutrition. Why butter over margarine or other “healthy spread” options? Things you should do today to reduce your risks of breast cancer and go get your favorite Rose City Rollers breast casts off ebay and help support Devaskating Deva who recently underwent a double masectomy.


Dr Mercola’s article on breast cancer (scroll down in the article near the bottom to find anti cancer strategies)

bid on RCR breast cast

May 5th 2011Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Amy Theberge and Gretchen Groves from the American Cancer Society chat with Eleni K about breast cancer and the Making Strides event fundraiser. Get info regarding cancer, stats, early detection and more as well as how to get involved and learn where the money goes. Cancer research is not the only thing being done with your donation find out what your help really means!


Find out more at ACS or call 1 800 227 2345