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May 5th 2011Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Amy Theberge and Gretchen Groves from the American Cancer Society chat with Eleni K about breast cancer and the Making Strides event fundraiser. Get info regarding cancer, stats, early detection and more as well as how to get involved and learn where the money goes. Cancer research is not the only thing being done with your donation find out what your help really means!


Find out more at ACS or call 1 800 227 2345

May 2nd 2011 – Family Fitness dates, label reading and squat jumps. It all starts at home so modeling good health habits important. Set up a fitness time with your family. Are your food labels accurate? The FDA says 20% margin of error is acceptable. How to squat jump.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Label Reading

April 4th 2011 – Mammograms. Dr Jennifer Mayberry, of EPIC Imaging shares information about the importance of annual screening exams for women. The difference between screening and diagnostic mammograms is discusses as well as risk factors, health concerns and the importance of early detection. Other methods of screening are also shared.


When should you get a mammogram? Are they dangerous?

What other techniques for breast imaging are available?

What are some risk factors or health concerns related to breast cancer?

….get these questions answered plus many more!


Nov 18th – Health is best when a holistic approach is taken. Do studies have enough info? Environmental factors effecting your health. Also, foods high in Potassium, what is your deodorant doing to you and how to do a Pilates roll up all covered in this episode.


Chocolate AXE Spray was mentioned and here is the video if you haven’t seen it yet!