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Nov 8th Eleni answers listener emails and does her first show alone. Get info about runners and yoga, why cows have high omega 6’s and how to do an articulated bridge. Plus she defends her “no pain no gain” point of view!


Posted by Eleni

Lat week we talked to Bruce, the butcher, of New Season in NW Portland. A listener of our show asked about the healthiest cut of meat. What should someone who cares about being fit and healthy choose. A little research lead to this article which has a great table highlighting the important facts on the different cuts of beef.

check it out

Being healthy is about balance. It’s not necessary to cut out everything but rather to find balance in your choices. Do the best most of the time and still have your favorites once in a while. So if your favorite cut of meat isn’t rated as a best choice save it for special occasions.

Eleni K.