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April 21st 2011 – RBT, hemp milk and sweat! Aaron Mathis, Eleni and Texine of The Rose City Rollers, discuss health topics around alternative milk products and exercise “trends”… what is RBT anyway?


Make sure to check out the Rose City Rollers vs Rat City this Saturday 4/23 watch online at or in pdx at he Memorial Coliseum

but first…. watch  this!

April 14th 2011 – What is healthy eating? Aaron Mathis and Eleni discuss the Paleo diet, 10 Energy Foods, the soy tragedy and if kids should be forced to eat public school food! Think you know what healthy is… you may be wrong.


10 Energy Foods

Public School Lunches

Paleo Diet reviewed by WebMD

Soy: magic bean or tragic bean? see Beachbody website for this info

March 24th – Popcorn, Obesity Bacteria & P90X. Aaron and Eleni chat about his experience filming the NEW P90X dvd. Would nutritional information on movie theater concessions stop anyone from getting the food? Is bacteria making you obese? Plus info on functional training and dynamic vs static stretching.


LA Times Popcorn article

Obesity Bacteria is the bacteria in your gut making you fat info?

Feb 24th – Replay of Mike French and Aaron Mathis with Eleni from Dec 3rd 2010. Inspiring story of body building, weigh loss and p90x.


Feb 10th – Aaron and Eleni talk about determining what is healthy…. 4 hour body, healthy living support and more!


Feb 3rd – 5 hour energy and other healthy living ideas! Aaron Mathis and Eleni give healthy living support, address several chat box questions and go over an IDEA article regarding How to live longer: 9 tips to longevity.


Jan 20th – Aaron & Eleni talk health inspiration. Lots of healthy living support is given through sharing personal experience and thoughts on how to stay on track. What is important about food planning and drinking enough water. Plus when it comes to friends & family, modeling is key. Lead by example and share a healthier life with all those around you!


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