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August 2011

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A blog hiatus was taken in August 2011. To get past show’s from this month go here


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May 2nd 2011 – Family Fitness dates, label reading and squat jumps. It all starts at home so modeling good health habits important. Set up a fitness time with your family. Are your food labels accurate? The FDA says 20% margin of error is acceptable. How to squat jump.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Label Reading

April 26th 2011 – “Eat it, it’s the best part” Do we really know which foods are best for us and why? What are you really looking for in your state of health. Join Michael Emery and Eleni as they talk about food associations in the mind and other ideas about food.


March 3rd – Health. Health magazine articles and info discussed. Don’t brush your teeth too soon after high acid foods, Resistant Starch and Yoga Poses. Learn how staff and incline plank can build up your back and lift your chest plus much more.


Feb 11th – Eleni and Sandy Ibrahim from Hit to Fit Canada discuss what motivated people and if that is enough. Commitment, Gym-Pact and rewards are all covered as well as info about Hit to Fit.


Feb 10th – Aaron and Eleni talk about determining what is healthy…. 4 hour body, healthy living support and more!