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July 28th 2011 – Eleni K discusses water, soy and sunscreen. Do calories count? How much water are you exactly and can the scale really tell you anything that means anything about your health or big picture? Which ingredients in your sunscreen cause cancer & what are the 10 best brands to buy. Plus…To soy or not to soy?


Sunscreen top brands

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April 22nd 2011 – Volunteering is good for your health. Eleni is joined by Andy Coleman, Executive Director of Hands On Greater Portland to discuss how volunteering can help you be healthier. Stress reduction, sense of purpose, community contribution, higher energy levels all create better health and ultimately reduce disease. Learn how to get involved today!


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March 4th – Connection, Intention & Appreciation. Connecting helps you be healthier. Follow through with intention, get tips for being more successful with food and exercise plans. Appreciation, tell someone that you care… plus make a list of 50 things you are grateful for.


Nov 25th – Happy Thanksgiving! Eleni goes LIVE to help get you away from the food for a moment and support you on this special day. 7 spiritual tenets to being happier according to Shape mag. The debate goes on between Pumpkin and Pecan pie plus listeners chat up favorite day after uses for leftover turkey.



Nov 12th –  Eleni’s Birthday! Can you guess her age? LISTEN and find out! Plus chocolate or vanilla cupcakes… see what the chat box has to say. Other topics covered, The Get Fit Challenge App, SMART goal setting and finding support systems!

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SMART goals = specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely

Support Systems = Listen to Get Fit Now Radio, hang out with like minded friends, get your whole family on board!

Huge “thank you” to Sabrina, Robert and Jay for chiming in to help me through this show!

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The Nov 2nd episode focuses on pain. Causes, management and solutions. Dr. Ciprian and Eleni discuss where pain may generate from in the body. What referred pain is. How pain is related to general health. Plus some feedback on why staying well hydrated and eating well is important for your health and keeping pain at bay. Whatever your pain problem might be there is something here for you to hear! So no more giving it away …LISTEN and share it!

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Katherine Schwarzenegger has put it all out there in her book, Rock What You’ve Got. It’s not just a lot of stats and ideas about body image and media it’s a NECESSARY must have for any woman. Tons of advice for girls going through puberty as well as special sections for mom’s to better understand what is up with their teens. This book is great for all women 5-95 as well as men. Especially great for the single dad!

Not sure it’s the right book for you. Well it IS the right book for many so consider gifting it to a school library or teen shelter.

Check out the Get Fit Now Radio interview with Katherine here then share it!

For more info on Katherine Schwarzenegger read her article Defining Beauty on the Huffington Post

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“I hate myself!” I cried to my mother. “I’m fat, I’m ugly and I feel totally disgusting!”Katherine Schwarzenegger, age 10 / Intro to Rock What You’ve Got

Who tells us what is beautiful? Who has the right to define beauty for someone? Should media and in turn society have the power to tell us who we are? NO!!!

I asked a group of women today how they felt about media and body image. The answer…. “it teaches us to hate each other and ourselves.” Beauty is not defined by looks alone. Most women, 76%, feel it should be defined by other qualities in addition to looks. The answer most women gave me… CONFIDENCE. Confidence determines beauty. Anyone and EVERYONE is beautiful. What makes one stand out is confidence. Self esteem leads to confidence. What zaps us of our self esteem? Feeling like we aren’t good enough. Being shown an average of 5,000 advertising messages a day. 1 out of 3.8 network television commercials has a message of attractiveness in it. Defining our views of beauty. Watch…

And its not just the media. We carry on the problem without even knowing it by asking our friends if we look fat, hurting our frenemies by saying they could use more make up, telling our daughters we could lose a few pounds, getting a breast augmentation. We buy into what is being sold and re-sell it! These feelings of inadequacy lead to depression, low self esteem, eating disorders and sometimes suicide. How sad is that. So how do we stop?

EDUCATE. Learn the facts! The images we see are not real. They are not an accurate representation of our population. The aren’t even an accurate image of the person. As Cindy Crawford stated, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford.” Get more concerned with your health than with looking a certain way. Find out how to eat and exercise right and you will find your potential. You aren’t going to grow to 6′ if you’re 5’3″ or have blue eyes if you’ve got brown…stop trying to be something you’re not. Embrace who you are, not just the outside but the inside…. be confident and beauty will be yours!




Knowledge is wasted if not shared. Help someone out! Support others in their journey to feel good about themselves, so we can all be shouting out “I love myself!” while we rock what we’ve got.

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A Game of Brutal Beauty, Roller Derby….and life!

Aaron and I talked success stories today with Kim Stegeman aka “Rocket Mean” of the Rose City Roller Derby.  Kim utilized services at Get Fit Training, a roller derby sponsor to get back in shape after an injury. Shoulder surgery put her out of play and little by little the weight went on. It can happen to anyone, not enough TIME, too much LIFE.

We discussed the strategies that got her back on track and tools she uses to stay focused. Listen to episode 22 to find out more about alternative sports, what iPhone app she likes plus exciting derby chat.

So much conversation went on after the show ended we could have Kim back again and again! We discussed body image in media and amongst roller derby. Does media put unfair expectations on women to be thin? Does roller derby as a sport and community see things differently? Please post your comments here on our blog and get the discussion going!

Kim’s 3 tips to Success:

1. Guidelines. Kim adheres to a set a of healthy guidelines like minimizing processed food and incorporating protein at all meals. She keeps balance between exercise and diet.

2. Planning. She know if she doesn’t plan she will have a hard time staying on track. Kim plans meals around her schedule and social events as well as schedules her workouts so she knows they will get done. Don’t leave things to chance!

3. Goal Setting. Without goals you have no direction. Kim sets realistic healthy goals and uses rewards that will be of benefit to her continued success.

The bottom line she says “is to find something that works for you” there are many tools out there and many things may work for a while but the key is… it has to work long term.

Time for something new? Roller Derby might just what you are looking for. Get more info on Rose City Rollers or look up derby in your area.

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Do you move? do you do it right? in the right environment? do it enough? Injury and pain can be the cause of the wrong movement, repetitive action or worse (and quite common) inactivity.

We spoke with Donn Dimond, PT on episode 21 to get the low down on what a physical therapist can do for you.

From preventative stretches to do at your desk, tips for facilitating rehab efforts and even a theory on proper bra fittings this show is far from boring. Packed full of info and listener feedback. Find out all Donn had to say about SAVING THE ATHLETE in all of us!

Need your PT questions answered? Leave a comment!!