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Nov 8th 2011 – Structural Health. Dr Ciprian talks with Eleni K about the structure of the body and what about that structure effects your health. Gait, crainio-sacral therapy, diaphragm, spinal column, muscles “on” and “off” and more get mentioned.




Nov 7th 2011 – Vitamins in food. Vitamin A-E is discussed with the top 10 foods to consume for each as well as what happens when you are deficient or over consume these vitamins. Eleni K also gives tips to getting more veggies in each day!

top 10 foods for each vitamin





Nov 4th 2011 – Purpose. Eleni K encourages you to create purpose in your life: purpose toward workouts, eating, stress reduction, relationships, etc. Also multivitamins, hydration needs surrounding exercise and listener questions on back pain.



Hydration around exercise



Nov 3rd 2011 – Winter sports conditioning and pumpkin. Eleni K talks about which exercises can help prepare you to excel at your winter recreational activities as well as stay injury free. Pumpkin, it’s in season but what is it good for?


Exercises to prep for winter sports

TRX Snow sports

Pumpkin Nutritional Info




October 31st 2011 – Happy Halloween. What is in your candy? A lot you probably don’t want! Eleni K gives fun tips for kids to support their immune system while trick or treating plus info on vitamin D in relation to the flu vaccine and dental caries.



Martin Rooney and 3 big lies

Dr Mercola and Vit D and dental caries plus other health concerns










October 27th 2011 – Oxidative stress, free radicals, and antioxidants. David Urman, founder of Pulse Health and the Revelar system comes on to discuss with Eleni K what oxidative stress is and what you can do about it. Get info on free radicals and antioxidants and how they contribute to your health.


October 21st 2011 – Stress and Antioxidants and Nitrates… oh my! Hear about cost effective eating. Nitrates and colorectal cancer, could more expensive food now save you money later. Does all the good food and exercise in the world make you healthy if you are too stressed?