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March 30th – Courage to not quit on the hard days! Bethany Learn of Fit 2B Us visits and chats about diastasis results, Dragon Boating and life in general. Tips on how to stay focused when the task at hand is far off. Plus, are you getting the BIG rocks in first, listen and learn.


need a better party option for your kids… All Pro Inflatables! give them fun and fitness, plus consider alternative (healthier) food options.

Feb 11th – Eleni and Sandy Ibrahim from Hit to Fit Canada discuss what motivated people and if that is enough. Commitment, Gym-Pact and rewards are all covered as well as info about Hit to Fit.


Dec 31st – Happy New Year! Set your goals instead of a resolution. Hangover remedies discussed, but the best solution is prevention. Also listener questions answered about bike seat covers and Zumba class.


Link Discussed about hangover remedies

A little Zumba

Tabata final 201/10 workout was Burpees…. I did not make a vid so check this guy out!

Dec 30th – Aaron & Eleni discuss resolutions vs goals, come up with Tabata workout #4 for the week and share tips on good sit ups. “Engage your pelvic floor” gets a laugh even though it was meant to be serious. And encouragement is given toward having a safe and healthy New Year celebration.


Tabata 20/10 workout presented by Aaron today… Air Squats, Pull Ups, Push Ups and Sit Ups. (each done for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest repeat the series once)

Set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) Goals this year throughout the year instead of a resolutions. Resolutions tend to fall apart after a week or so because they typically go like this…. “I will lose weight this year”. Try a SMART goal instead. “I will lose 2 lbs a week by reducing  my portions sizes and eliminating processed foods while exercising 4 days a week. I will weigh myself in 4 weeks and have lost 8 pounds and then set a new goal”.  Now get more specific by defining the food intake and workout schedule.

Remember although the New Year is a great time to check in and get serious about our goals we should be evaluating and setting goals all year long!

Dec 27th – Finishing 2010 with a Tabata workout each day this week. Top 10 resolution topics. Common things that derail you from your fitness goals and how to prevent them. Plus some local training options for getting started this January.


Topics and Links Discussed:

Top 10 Resolutions

Staying on Track with Fitness

Ending 2010 with 20/10 workouts. Monday 4 minutes of Jumping Jacks Tabata Protocol. perform jumping jacks for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and do a total of 8 sets! Have fun!!

*Modifications: Half Jack (no jumping, side step with arms moving normally) Power Jack (wide squat jump w/arms moving normally)

nov 29 – Are leg warmers cool for workout wear? Jane Fonda is back with a new video for baby boomers. Make a commitment to move everyday. Start with 10 minute walk and build on it because disuse leads to dysfunction. And the top fitness trends of 2011 get discussed.


The leg warmer poll was about 50/50. You can still get your vote in, use the comment box below.

See more about Jane Fonda

Top 2010 (by ACE Fitness) and 2011 (from ACSM reported by WebMD) Fitness Trends

Disuse leads to Dysfunction. Bottom line…. USE IT OR LOSE IT!!

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Nov 19th – Jeanne Ivy. Hear her personal story of success through training as Jeanne shares experiences with Pasta Roni, horses and Get Fit Training. We run out of time so be on the look out for part 2.

Can’t wait till she is on again?  Learn more about Jeanne here and then follow her on Twitter because she rock!