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Nov 3rd 2011 – Winter sports conditioning and pumpkin. Eleni K talks about which exercises can help prepare you to excel at your winter recreational activities as well as stay injury free. Pumpkin, it’s in season but what is it good for?


Exercises to prep for winter sports

TRX Snow sports

Pumpkin Nutritional Info




Oct 10th – Repeat of Pearl Womens Center

Oct 11th – Measuring success. How do you measure your success? Look at more than just the scale. Tips on different measurements of health. Also the Abs Diet Cookbook and increasing balance through exercise.


Oct 12th – Sharing, Success and Sweeteners. Eleni K reviews measurements of success and gives tips to staying successful. Clive Mbanga and Gaspar James get shout outs for their Facebook posts plus mission is set to read a label today.


Oct 13th – For the Love of Boobs!. Amy Theburge of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of the American Cancer Society visits to talk about breast cancer and how you can get involved to help others. Plus her fashion show event. Also get ideas about being healthier before it’s too late.


Oct 14th – Repeat of past show

















Oct 6th 2011 – Would you jump in front of a car? NO!! Then why would you take your life for granted and eat junk or neglect moving your body. Your health is your choice. Do something about it. Also integrative movement and making a periodization plan for your workouts.



Sept 29th 2011 – National Coffee Day! Eleni K talks about coffee, benefits and negatives. Drinking more water, saying positive things, adrenal fatigue, for the love of boobs and trenta….whatever that is.


link mentioned about coffee

local in PDX get your coffee here Get About Coffee

Sept 28th 2011 – False Signs of Fitness. Bethany Learn of visits with Eleni K about various signs in the community giving falsities regarding health and fitness. Also how to stay motivated for your workout once fall gets here and other fun stuff like vegan strippers.

Beth’s Blog



Sept 14th 2011 – What is healthy living anyway? A major “call to action” is given. Is your lifestyle contributing to the growing obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes rate, if so what are you going to do about it? Preventative health care is as easy as moving everyday, eating right and supporting yourself and others in health! many shout outs to great organizations to follow.




links mentioned…

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Cancer stats

20 worst kids snacks article


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Sept 1st 2011 – Fitness App Reviews. Eleni K talks about myfitnesspal Loseit, ilog1, runkeeper and more. Also a discussion about the benefits of massage and top 9 foods that kids love but probably shouldn’t eat.




July 28th 2011 – Eleni K discusses water, soy and sunscreen. Do calories count? How much water are you exactly and can the scale really tell you anything that means anything about your health or big picture? Which ingredients in your sunscreen cause cancer & what are the 10 best brands to buy. Plus…To soy or not to soy?


Sunscreen top brands

Sunscreen info

A great discussion between Michael J Emery, Eleni K and Bethany Learn about self esteem, childhood experiences, inner child and how that realted to our health and fitness habits in adulthood!



July 11 2011 – Slurpee day! Free slurpees at 7/11 all day today… but what’s in it? Learn about foaming agents, HFCS, soduim laurel sulphate, antacids and more. How to detox the body with clean eating. Drinking water and stomach pH. Plus men like cuddling too.


More about slurpees

More about foaming agents

Water changing stomach pH Mercola article

Men and cuddling webMD article