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Nov 10th – Happy 235th Birthday to the Marines. Shane Gibson shares his story with us about growing up, the Marines and adventure racing! Plus cyclocross and eating for performance.

When you are participating in a 12+ hour race, 4 hours is a warm up. How do you eat to prepare? What about transitioning from endurance racing to a 45 min sprint like cyclocross? Shane offers up stories of his experience plus how he plans not only to race but for daily life.  Planning is key! and M&M’s are like gold….

Hear it now! Episode Nov 10th

To find out more about cyclocross or see the team Shane rides with check out Cycleone

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We just finished up an interview on today’s show with Sarah Stanley. She is an amazing women who loves to run. Sarah has been running since the age of 14. She has run several marathons and ultra marathons and has even run the Boston Marathon front to back. That’s right, in one day, well 11 hrs is more like it. Sarah also cycles but mostly she inspires.

Sarah is currently working on a project called Run Ride Inspire. This project is about bringing awareness and change to the national problem of childhood obesity. Check out the website to find out what Sarah is doing and how you can get involved.

Rose originally found Sarah on Twitter and I must add that I really enjoy her on there as well. Follow Sarah on Twitter you won’t be sorry!

To hear the interview with Sarah, click here and check out episode 13.

Thought for the day. Your actions define you. Its great to think something or even to write it down but doing it is the proof that it’s real. You have the power to create yourself and you do that through action.

Eleni K