GET FIT NOW Radio & it’s blog focus on everyday, real life issues surrounding health and fitness. The radio show will cover what Eleni calls the three pillars for getting FIT and staying healthy; movement, fuel and support systems. She and her guests understand “real” life and they can help others in the real world understand what it takes to be healthy. Everyone has struggles whether it’s getting to the gym, losing weight or having the energy to deal with your life. GET FIT NOW provides easy solutions, sure to make serious lifestyle changes. Show topics will include interviews with health care professionals, nutritionists, additional fitness experts and clients as well as health topics, fitness product and book reviews. Listeners will be able to get “real” questions answered.

Host Eleni Kehagiaras:

Owner of Get Fit Training, Inc. Eleni holds numerous certifications in the fitness industry and works as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant. She also founded the Body Evolution Program and in five years has helped hundreds of people; lose thousands of lbs with the program of whole health and fitness. Eleni had her own battle with weight loss after the birth of her second child when the result of unhealthy eating habits turned into a 50 lb weight loss goal. She did it! Read the  “can you do a 2 piece? …oh ya!!” post which includes a national television interview of Eleni.

Eleni currently supports woman’s sport through her sponsorship of the Portland Rain Soccer Team and The Rose City Roller Derby. She has designed an iPhone App to help support people nation wide by offering daily challenges to create variety and awareness toward healthy living. She is a dedicated single/widowed mom passionate about modeling strong health minded values for her children.

Eleni takes clients in her private training studio in Portland’s Pearl District. She is currently partnering with Canadian company Hit to Fit to bring their famous “30 minute workout” to the US!

For more information on Eleni or to work directly with her please see www.getsofitnow.com or see her in action here

Co-Host Dr Robert Ciprian:

Dr. Robert Ciprian is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology (D.I.B.A.K.). Dr. Ciprian has always looked to other fields of natural health care in establishing himself as a multidisciplinary doctor including such techniques as Total Body Modification (TBM), Natural Healing and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). In addition, he has studied various other chiropractic techniques, clinical nutrition, homeopathy and botanical medicine. With this experience under his belt, Dr. Ciprian has earned the reputation of helping those patients who have had little clinical success with conventional or alternative medicine.

His health was not optimal as a child. He suffered from recurrent illnesses while growing up in Queens, New York. He moved to Los Angeles to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College of California. While finishing his first trimester at C.C.C.L.A, the increased stress of the high intensity program caused another downturn in his health. By his second year his health was affecting his education and he sought out help through several avenues. The one that had an immediate effect on his heath was Applied Kinesiology. Since then Dr. Ciprian chose to dedicate his life to attaining knowledge about this avenue of health care and felt the need to educate health professionals and the public about the clinical aspects of Applied Kinesiology and holistic medicine.

Dr. Ciprian practiced in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles after graduation. He is currently in private practice in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. He is Board Certified Teacher of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and has lectured on natural health topics across the United States.

For Dr. Ciprian’s practice go to www.drciprian.com / Or his YouTube channel go to www.youtube.com/drciprian

Co-Host Aaron Mathis:

Aaron is passionate about health and fitness. Having lost over 100 lbs will do that to a person. Aaron spends his time sharing what he has learned with others through supporting, training and providing the necessary tools for success.

Watch Aaron’s inspiring video & Get more info on how Aaron can help you here

GET FIT NOW can be heard on www.cascadia.fm Monday thru Friday at 1pm PST.

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