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Sept 20th 2011 – Your Inner Pharmacy. Dr Robert Blaich visits with Eleni K and Dr Robert Ciprian about his book Your Inner Pharmacy. They discuss chronic illness, good and bad chemicals and how to improve your state of health. get more info at



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Dr Blaich will be in Portland, Or on  October 8 & 9 2011

Sept 19th 2011 – Vit D. Food sources, RDA’s and reasons for needing this popular vitamin. Eleni K talks about how our state of health determines our ability to absorb nutrients. Hints to drink more water and take the Get Fit Challenge.




Vitamin D info

Sept 16th 2011 – Vegan. Becoming more plant based diet yes but vegan… not always what it seems to be. Eating a ton of grain or processed foods and cutting out meat is not healthy either. Eat more veggies but keep the meat! Also slow down, no need to be too busy.



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Sept 15th 2011– Running. Eleni K gives her opinion on making the decision to run or not she covers assessing joint alignment, footwear and getting in the pool to run. Also working out enough to eat bad food and curcumin… does this spice stop brain tumors?




Curcumin and brain tumors article


Sept 14th 2011 – What is healthy living anyway? A major “call to action” is given. Is your lifestyle contributing to the growing obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes rate, if so what are you going to do about it? Preventative health care is as easy as moving everyday, eating right and supporting yourself and others in health! many shout outs to great organizations to follow.




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Sept 13th 2011 – Applied Kinesiology. Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni K talk with Dr Robert Blaich a pioneer in the AK field about how we can improve our health through healing the body holistically vs treating systems. Hear about diaphragm and foot health as well how specific organs relate to certain issues in the body. Check out his website


Sept 12th 2011 – PMS

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Sept 12th 2011 – PMS. Kyle McAvoy of Pearl Womens Center comes on to discuss pms, signs, symptoms & natural remedies. Hear about how diet, vitamins and lifestyle changes can help alleviate the symptoms as well as fun tips and facts