July 4th – 8th 2011

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Diet, Excercise, health
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July 4th 2011 – Fourth of July. Eleni K is on talking about how to be successful at holiday BBQ’s and supporting you to be healthy amongst traditions and temptation. Pilates single leg kick and burpees are brought up as fun exercises for the day as is a recipe for radish salad. Plus try “smelling the roses” it is more than just good advice it will de-stress you!


July 5th 2011 – 7 ways to stop sugar addiction with Dr C. A variety of health related topics with Dr Ciprian including reducing sugar addiction, allergies, muscle testing and healthy eating. Check out his blog eatingrightdiet.com


July 6th 2011 – Miss Portland, Mary Hellman visits Eleni K. Mary brings guest Ted Roe an Argentinian tango dancer among other things to talk about getting back on track after a holiday like the 4th of July, bikini options and her Hit to Fit workout. Plus she sings for us!


July 7th 2011 – Supporting good health. Ideas on picking a fitness blog or newsletter that is worthwhile and right for you. Do you like the taste of water? Eleni K takes a poll and talks about drinking enough real water not other types of “water”.


July 8th 2011 – HIIT. Eleni K talks all about HIIT, high intensity interval training. Why it works and why you might want to choose it over steady state endurance cardio. Also you cannot workout enough to overcome a bad diet!


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