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July 28th 2011 – Eleni K discusses water, soy and sunscreen. Do calories count? How much water are you exactly and can the scale really tell you anything that means anything about your health or big picture? Which ingredients in your sunscreen cause cancer & what are the 10 best brands to buy. Plus…To soy or not to soy?


Sunscreen top brands

Sunscreen info

July 27th 2011 – State Management. Michael J Emery and Eleni K talk about state management and confidence. Who doesn’t want to manage their emotional states better or have more confidence in their life. Listen in to find out how easy re-framing your state can be.


July 26th 2011 – Balance. Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni K discuss balance in the body by way of food, physical structure and attitude. Info on fruit, sugar and body responses and well as muscle testing, bone alignment and overall health.



More info on Muscle Testing and Eating Right

July 25th 2011 – Surgical mesh and prolapse surgery. Dr Rick Rosenfield of Pearl Womens Center discusses a current FDA warning regarding surgical mesh and organ prolapse surgery. Learn all you need to know about complications and procedures to be safe and worry free.



FDA Article

July 18-22 / 2011

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July 18th  / repeat show w/Dr Rosenfield of Pearl Womens Center

July 19  / Dr Ciprian and Eleni K talk meat, shampoo and whatnot…

July 20th / Eleni K rants on obesity

July 21st / Bethany Learn of Fit 2b us and Eleni K talk health friendly family travel

July 22nd  / Dr Greg Carroll of Reflex Clinic comes on and shares non-surgical treatments for knee pain with Eleni K

July 15th 2011 – Listener comments and questions addressed regarding mac n cheese with veggies, hiit training, recovery drinks and more!Plus 2 more things wrong with HFCS to worry about.


HFCS article

Recovery Drink info

July 14th 2011 – Processed Food. Can mac n cheese be better with cauliflower in it? Eleni K does not agree. How could you make a “healthier” mac n cheese and why wouldn’t you just cut it out of your diet altogether. Detox, clean your house and shop the perimeter. Plus HIT exercise ideas.


Huff Post Article on mac n cheese

info from Kraft site

freeze drying foods information

nutrients in cauliflower

A great discussion between Michael J Emery, Eleni K and Bethany Learn about self esteem, childhood experiences, inner child and how that realted to our health and fitness habits in adulthood!



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July 11 2011 – Slurpee day! Free slurpees at 7/11 all day today… but what’s in it? Learn about foaming agents, HFCS, soduim laurel sulphate, antacids and more. How to detox the body with clean eating. Drinking water and stomach pH. Plus men like cuddling too.


More about slurpees

More about foaming agents

Water changing stomach pH Mercola article

Men and cuddling webMD article