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June 1st 2011 – Challenges, cell phones, school lunches, oh my! Lots of listener questions and chat box interaction around making healthy changes that matter. Eleni K’s ideas on how frequently to eat, drink and keep your attitude in check.



1 week challenge by Eleni K: No precessed foods and move everyday!

2 week challenge by Dr Ciprian: follow these tips for 2 weeks and email in your story to for a chance to be on our show

May 31st 2011 – Organics and Eating Right! Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni K talk about organics, GMO’s and whole foods. Get in shape for summer or just get in shape. Dr C’s 5 tips to creating a healthier life plus share your 2 week experience and get on our show.



Follow Dr Ciprian’s 5 Tips for 2 weeks and email your experience to for a chance to share it on our show!

May 30th 2011 – Memorial Day Tips. Eleni K gives tips on incorporating health into your Memorial Day celebration. What will are you doing with your freedom? Does it change how you view your life and the choices you make. Eleni throws down a “1 Week Challenge” to help you get healthier!




take the 1 Week Challenge: No processed foods and move everyday!!