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April 19th 2011 – Healthy eating. Dr Ciprian and Eleni talk about what you are really eating. Dairy, calcium, aspartame…. how are these things affecting your health? Are eggs a dairy product? Plus a one week weight loss story from Get Fit Training Studio was shared.


Aspartame Info mentioned on this episode

Kerrygold…. where cows actually eat grass!

I eat “healthy”… I hear it all the time but is it true… almost never! listen to one clients 1 week results on this episode then call to get your self started! 503 816 1070

in GOOD health


April 18th 2011 – Interventional Pain Management and Musculoskeletal Imaging. Dr Rahul Desai of EPIC Imaging visits to discuss imaging methods and pain management procedures. Prolotherapy, PRP, cortizone injections and other in-office therapies are shared as well as the importance of proper diagnosis.


April 15th 2011 – Fun Friday! Eleni’s tips and check lists for many different healthy living support concepts such as: How do you define your health? Quick and easy tips to distress and reaffirm your health. Plus Fun Friday, poll, game and recipe!