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April 29th 2011Clive Mbanga & functional fitness. Eleni K and Clive talk about the benefits of functional training. Is it better to work out in the am or pm, before or after you eat… and what should you eat? Movements that mimick real life, working out with or without shoes and to protein powder or not are all discussed.


April 28th 2011Martin Rooney ( <–read this bio) talks fitness. Eleni K and Aaron Mathis chat about everything from speed training, nutrition, metabolic/intervals and fitness fads to Training For Warriors, kids these days and dumbing down your diet. Advice on getting back to basics both with your fuel and movement is the key to better health plus REST… you must rest right and sleep well.


April 27th 2011 – Advertising and Health. Michael Emery and Eleni talk about how advertising effects our emotions, decisions and food choices. How to use anchors to help change kinestetic feelings and associations around food. Define your version of health!


April 26th 2011 – “Eat it, it’s the best part” Do we really know which foods are best for us and why? What are you really looking for in your state of health. Join Michael Emery and Eleni as they talk about food associations in the mind and other ideas about food.


April 25th 2011 – Sexual Function. Dr Rick Rosenfield of Pearl Womens Center visits to discuss sexual function. The 4 Phases of the Sexual Response cycle are explained as well as some common mishaps or imbalances which can lead to dysfunction. Information on the G-Spot, Vagina Rejuvenation, Orgasms and sexual enhancement products is also shared.


ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologist) info

Mayo Clinic Info on Female Sexual Function

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April 22nd 2011 – Volunteering is good for your health. Eleni is joined by Andy Coleman, Executive Director of Hands On Greater Portland to discuss how volunteering can help you be healthier. Stress reduction, sense of purpose, community contribution, higher energy levels all create better health and ultimately reduce disease. Learn how to get involved today!


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current sources of interest regarding how volunteering benefits your health

April 21st 2011 – RBT, hemp milk and sweat! Aaron Mathis, Eleni and Texine of The Rose City Rollers, discuss health topics around alternative milk products and exercise “trends”… what is RBT anyway?


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April 20th 2011 – All around babies! Join Eleni and Bethany Learn as they discuss pre & post natal nutrition and exercise topics. Breast feeding, proper exercise, The Tupler Technique and more. Ideas on how should you eat and move before, during and after your baby comes. Interesting facts and stories shared.


links discussed or mentioned:

Four Fitness Tips for Newborn Fit 2B Mamas by Bethany Learn

Breastfeeding Wikipedia info

La Leche League

April 19th 2011 – Healthy eating. Dr Ciprian and Eleni talk about what you are really eating. Dairy, calcium, aspartame…. how are these things affecting your health? Are eggs a dairy product? Plus a one week weight loss story from Get Fit Training Studio was shared.


Aspartame Info mentioned on this episode

Kerrygold…. where cows actually eat grass!

I eat “healthy”… I hear it all the time but is it true… almost never! listen to one clients 1 week results on this episode then call to get your self started! 503 816 1070

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April 18th 2011 – Interventional Pain Management and Musculoskeletal Imaging. Dr Rahul Desai of EPIC Imaging visits to discuss imaging methods and pain management procedures. Prolotherapy, PRP, cortizone injections and other in-office therapies are shared as well as the importance of proper diagnosis.