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March 28th – CPP. Chronic Pelvic Pain with Dr Rick Rosenfield of Pearl Womens Center. What is CPP? How are the different causes of pain determined and what treatment plans may be an option. You do not have to live with pain. Find out what should send you to the doctor and what info to bring with you!


Important info to bring to your Doc:
How and when did your pain begin?
What actions or activities make it better or worse?
Does it vary based on time of day, week or month?
How does your menstrual cycle affect your pain?
How does the pain affect your sleep?
Has the pain spread since it began?

Also important:

What medications or other pain management techniques are you using? Does your pain cause emotional stress?

March 25th – Spring time herbs and essential oils. Amanda Lattin from Terracina Herbals joins us to share information about the herbs and essential oils one can use specific to Spring which will promote better health. Oils and herbs can be smelled, applied or ingested. Spring foods also mentioned.