March 4th – Connection, Intention & Appreciation.

Posted: March 8, 2011 in health, self care / support
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March 4th – Connection, Intention & Appreciation. Connecting helps you be healthier. Follow through with intention, get tips for being more successful with food and exercise plans. Appreciation, tell someone that you care… plus make a list of 50 things you are grateful for.


  1. Holly Danks says:

    So true — appreciation and connecting helps me be happier and healthier.
    When getting on the scale was disappointing today, Eleni told me to think positive and love myself.
    So here are more than 50 things I am grateful for that make my good health possible. I encourage you to make your own list. It is eye-opening and invigorating. Share your list with those you appreciate and get others thinking about their own, often-overlooked abundances.
    Personal trainer, Eleni • Health club membership • Retirement • Loving, understanding husband • Husband able to support us • Athletic ability • Gaining strength for/from weight-lifting • Both parents alive • No family cancers • Family stays in touch • Some family in Oregon • Plantar fasciitis healed • Knees fixed (menisci stronger) • Love water, good swimmer • Able to get out and golf • Friends who golf • Executive Women’s Golf Assn • Still have best friends from high school • Friends/family supportive, compliment weight loss • Young, obese nieces losing weight • Time for hobbies • Card-stamping • Print/frame photos • Project room • Large stash of craft supplies • Journalistic, writing background • Computer for diet/exercise research • Bert the Cat • BC the Cat • Still able to play softball • Warm house • Able to load/carry firewood for woodstove • House in country • Yard full of trees, birds • Beautiful, relaxing view • Clean, delicious water from faucets • Never smoked • Don’t drink • Comfortable bed • Able to set own schedule • Able to sleep in • Able to take naps • Able to get massage when needed • KOR physical therapists • Believe in God, effectiveness of prayer • Sense of humor • Flexible for yoga/Pilates • Don’t mind sweating • iPod full of favorite workout/meditation music • Able to stock refrigerator with fresh fruit/veggies • Live in state that values outdoors recreation

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