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March 31st –

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March 31st – Foods and their impact on your health. 6 surprising super foods, is black the new green? 9 appetite suppressing foods. What’s wrong with low cal snacks? …. and bye – bye belly bloat!


6 super foods. is black the new green? try Black rice, Black lentils, Blackberries, Black beans, Black soybeans &/or Black tea.

9 appetite suppressing foods

8 under 80 calories…. YUK! its quality of food not quantity that matters, a little bit of junk is still junk!

March 30th – Courage to not quit on the hard days! Bethany Learn of Fit 2B Us visits and chats about diastasis results, Dragon Boating and life in general. Tips on how to stay focused when the task at hand is far off. Plus, are you getting the BIG rocks in first, listen and learn.


need a better party option for your kids… All Pro Inflatables! give them fun and fitness, plus consider alternative (healthier) food options.

March 29th – Holistic medicine. Dr Ciprian & Eleni discuss the difference between western/conventional, natural/alternative and holistic medical practices? Also why buy organics, how to manage stress and other fun stuff!


David Zinczenko Article in Yahoo Health

Dr Mercola’s opinion of above article

we give our opinions but you gotta listen 🙂

March 28th – CPP. Chronic Pelvic Pain with Dr Rick Rosenfield of Pearl Womens Center. What is CPP? How are the different causes of pain determined and what treatment plans may be an option. You do not have to live with pain. Find out what should send you to the doctor and what info to bring with you!


Important info to bring to your Doc:
How and when did your pain begin?
What actions or activities make it better or worse?
Does it vary based on time of day, week or month?
How does your menstrual cycle affect your pain?
How does the pain affect your sleep?
Has the pain spread since it began?

Also important:

What medications or other pain management techniques are you using? Does your pain cause emotional stress?

March 25th – Spring time herbs and essential oils. Amanda Lattin from Terracina Herbals joins us to share information about the herbs and essential oils one can use specific to Spring which will promote better health. Oils and herbs can be smelled, applied or ingested. Spring foods also mentioned.


March 24th – Popcorn, Obesity Bacteria & P90X. Aaron and Eleni chat about his experience filming the NEW P90X dvd. Would nutritional information on movie theater concessions stop anyone from getting the food? Is bacteria making you obese? Plus info on functional training and dynamic vs static stretching.


LA Times Popcorn article

Obesity Bacteria is the bacteria in your gut making you fat info?


March 23rd – Anchoring. Michael J Emery and Eleni give an overview of what anchoring is and how it works. A demonstration is given on how one determines what is going on when the mind processes information a certain way and how you can create a different outcome when you take control of the situation. NLP & Universal Modeling Process mentioned.



March 22nd – Tanning Beds. Dr Ciprian and Eleni welcome Jim Gustavson and Abe Kahl who both own tanning salons in the Portland area to participate in a conversation about the pros and cons of tanning. What’s the low down on tanning beds, spray tanning, vitamin D and cancer. Your general level of health may be the biggest determiner to the outcome of sun exposure.


Jim Gustavson’s Urban Tan in the Pearl

Abe Kahl’s Lakeside Tanning in Lake Oswego (check out their skin care services!)

March 21st – 100th show! We celebrate the 100th episode of Get Fit Now by sharing 100 things you can do today to be healthier. Information shared from “Eat This Not That” about making better fast food choices as well as regarding spring cleaning for your house to help support a healthier body. Pilates “saw” is described.


Celebrate your life and our 100th show! Do these things today!

100 things for your health today….this will be easier than you think

10 push ups (can be done on your knees)

10 glasses of water (you should anyway)

10 flights of stairs (walk or run)

10 different veggies and you can count fruits too (go for a salad bar where you can get a little of a lot of things)

10 things on a gratitude list (I like to do 100 of these everyday so 10 is no bigs)

10 squats (want more of a challenge do squat jumps)

10 tell people you love them (you can include your self so that is 1 now find 9 more)

10 minutes to check out and breathe ie meditate (this is bliss and your body & mind will thank you)

10 dollars to savings (move 10 from checking to savings or give 10 to a charity)

10 minutes to help someone (do something for someone else, unload the dishwasher, carry someone’s groceries, invite a friends to do 10 push ups with you or take them on a walk)

Read this Huffington Post Article from the Health section.  Then check out and follow all these Health and Fitness greats on Twitter!

Need a trainer or nutritionist? go to to find the best!

Want to hear me on today’s episode of In Bed With Matt and Phil

in GOOD health!


Hill Sprints! something I LOVE…

I just came in form a run, hill sprints to be exact. I walked over to the elementary school track rubbed my freezing hands through a necessary dynamic warm up  (especially for someone my age) I then proceeded to jog up the road to a nice steep spot. This is where I like to run, all out as fast as I can. I sprint till I have to gasp for air and then still push a few more seconds of sprinting out of my legs until my speed has slowed and I turn back to go down and start again.

I typically run anywhere from 5-10 sprints depending on a multitude of factors, the most important being when I lose over all speed.  (or in other words, when I feel my sprinting probably looks pretty sad to anyone who may be watching)  Today was my first hill sprint run in a few months so I figured I’d be happy with whatever and I could improve upon it next week. At #5 I felt I had done my best, although #5 felt pretty bad, so I determined I would do 2 more because I never finish when I “think” I am done but only when I am truly done. #6 was pretty good and then #7 totally sucked….

the voices start…


these voices in my head are my own, it’s the constant repetition of enthusiastic support I give my clients and classes everyday

#8 bam… that was good!

you think that’s all you’ve got I KNOW YOU HAVE MORE…. NO QUITTERS….

#9 better!


panting at the top of the hill 10 yards farther than any of the other sprints #10 is done.


In my life I have chosen to not quit. I may fail over and over and over. I may think I have “had it all” just to be proven wrong and watch it all go away… again and again. I never quit. The mountain of hardships and accomplishments I have overcome and stand on top of today is GREAT. I have had a lot of life… an amazing life. I am so grateful for what I have gotten to experience good and bad, fun and fretful, sweet and sad… I LOVE it all. This mountain looks big today but where I stand now will be under the clouds in a few years… I’m planning to pack a lot more into my days, build this mountain high.

So whether the mountain I am facing is running up Miller Rd or paying my bills or loving my haters. I do it with a smile and a perseverance you do not want to mess with.

We are all given a choice… lay down and take it or stand up and make it. I choose to live fully and love every minute of it. Every time I feel overwhelmed with a situation I just smile, shake it off and strategize my move because guess what friends… this GAME called LIFE… it’s FUN!



What’s your mountain look like? Are you having fun yet?!