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Feb 23rd – NLP Universal Modeling Process pt 3. Michael J Emery and Eleni further discuss the universal modeling process and bring up some ideas for how you can be more successful at changing your life experiences. Also how less pleasant experiences can be categorized as good in the mind. Attention Shifting.


part 1

part 2

Feb 21stFeldenkrais pelvic clock, goji berries and tips to get you started being healthy all year round. Eleni also talks about the Food Matters documentary and the idea that food can really be your medicine if you eat it right.


Nutritional info on corn and goji berries

Feb 25thMary Hellman visits to talk about being Miss Portland USA and preparing for Miss Oregon with Hit to Fit. Also 9 ways to become happy in 30 minutes, soy and singing!


9 ways to become happy in 30 minutes, read the article

Some info on soy from Scientific American